Dive deeper into your business with analytics

Gain a competitive edge by leveraging your data to make better decisions, improve processes, and measure performance.

Why is Business Intelligence important?

Take control of your data and get a deeper understanding of the performance of your golf course.

  • Powerful data analysis tools give you an edge over the competition
  • Understand what is happening at your course and why
  • Make better decisions and eliminate inefficiencies with long-term and day-to-day key metrics
  • Increase revenue with data driven insights

Eye-catching occupancy and round reporting.

Easy-to-read reports make for easier analysis, so you can operate your business better.

  • Understand who is booking rounds and when they're booking them
  • Anticipate occupancy to make more informed pricing and staffing decisions
  • Get a clear picture of the channels your golfers are using to book rounds
  • Target and engage your most lucrative players

Get a clear snapshot of customer behaviour.

Deeper insights on customer behavior allows you to gain a better understanding of their preferences and helps you serve them better.

  • Create targeted messages using a complete demographic profile of your customer-base
  • Reward your best customers while discouraging bad behaviour
  • Cut down on lost revenue with efficient rain check reporting

Quickly manage and analyze your member base.

Members are an important part of your business, stay on top of them and make sure your keeping them satisfied.

  • Get an overview on how well your subscriptions are performing
  • No more scouring records to uncover debtors
  • Failed payment dashboards show you which customers have missed a payment
  • Stop wasting time managing your billing cycle⁠—auto billing does the work for you

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I be able to measure?

Our Business Intelligence tool allows you to capture data from your tee sheet and aggregate it into meaningful insights for your golf course. You'll be able to understand customer behaviors relating to occupancy and spending habits and make strategic decisions to improve your facility’s performance.

Will I be able to track the performance of my promotional tools?

Of course! Easily improve your promotional campaigns by measuring the usages, the amounts recognized and the liabilities of your promo codes, deals, packages, etc. You can even go as far as understanding the redemption and issuance of rainchecks.

Will I be able to customize my reports?

Certainly! Every report has filtering capabilities that allow you to isolate specific variables and look at your golf course from different angles. Whether you want a micro or macro view of your facility's performance, you'll find the filter you need.

Filter your reports based on criteria such as:
- Time ranges
- Player types
- Demographics
- Booking channels

Will I be able to export my reports?

Yes! Our Business Intelligence tool makes sharing your data a breeze—easily export any of your reports in Excel, CSV or PDF format.