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Wander is ready for its best holiday season yet

Wander is ready for its best holiday season yet

Wander the Resort is the place to go for laidback luxury. Situated in Ontario’s scenic Prince Edward County, the resort is curated to give guests the ultimate escape, at any time of year. Upscale cabins provide the perfect place for visitors to rest in between visiting Wander’s pools, sauna, beach club and now world-class restaurant, Gather. 

Over the past few years especially, Prince Edward County has become a hotbed for tourism, attracting more than 650,000 visitors each year. It’s been listed by Travel & Leisure Magazine as one of the top 50 destinations to visit in the world. 

Operating a resort in such a high-traffic area comes with a lot of expectations from tourists, and Wander the Resort is more than prepared to exceed all of them. We spoke to Wander’s director of rooms, Molly McRea, about opening Gather in time for their most promising winter season yet. 

With 10 cabins as well as additional accommodation for housing larger groups, Wander supplies all the amenities and luxuries a visitor could want. “We pay a lot of attention to detail. I always think of it as, we’re all so rushed and busy and you should just be able to wander and stop and we’ll take care of everything for you,” says McRea. 

Gather opened in September after an arduous process. “It’s finally open to the public after some zoning hoops that we had to jump through. But that’s all said and done. So now we are able to offer a beautiful restaurant, beautiful menu with a really talented chef to both our in-cabin guests as well as to the community, which has been really amazing.”

Guests can order from the restaurant, beach club and in their rooms, making it simple to have a meal without leaving the resort. Wander has made sure there’s plenty in store for guests visiting around the holidays. 

“We do a big winter market every year,” says McRea. “This year I think will absolutely be our best one yet, with our food and beverage department so well developed now, we’re going to have some great offerings for our on-site guests as well as the public.”

Since people plan stays at Wander over the holidays, they’ll offer pre-made in-cabin meals for Christmas and Boxing Day. And they plan to provide an “elevated New Year’s Eve experience,” where they offer guests an additional dinner for the holiday. 

It’s important for Wander to operate with the local community in mind. Gather serves both the public and Wander’s guests, meaning they have to strike the perfect balance between affordability and high quality. 

“The level of food that we’re able to offer here, it’s so elevated, it’s so special. We’re able to keep it at a really reasonable price point as well. That’s something that’s really important to us, that it continues to be accessible to the community,” says McRea. “And then obviously that we’re able to offer our in-cabin guests–you’re coming and staying in this cozy rural cabin, but you’re able to have a really world-class dining experience.”

As for after the holidays, Wander continues to scale: “Right now we’re in the process of building our next exciting offering, which is going to be the Spa at Wander, which will be this really beautiful, intimate Nordic Thermal circuit spa.”

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