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Retail Round-Up: The Royal Baby’s Effect on Retail, and Malls Introduce Culture

Retail Round-Up: The Royal Baby’s Effect on Retail, and Malls Introduce Culture

Retailers in England can thank newborn Princess Charlotte for a spike in sales. Demand for souvenirs and children’s fashion may skyrocket, but retailers will only benefit from the trend if their onmichannel strategy is on track. Supply chain management and blending eCom with brick-and-mortar will be essential to fulfilling orders. (Forbes)

Some have said that mall culture is on its way out, which is why malls are looking for new ways to attract a discerning clientele. In affluent Bal Harbour, Florida, commerce and creativity merge, as this luxury mall displays eye-popping dresses from 1912 like a museum. (The New York Times)

Kate Spade doesn’t want to be the next Michael Kors or Coach – immensely popular handbag brands that became too available, mainstream and played out. To maintain a certain cachet, they’re avoiding big markdowns, and slowed the expansion of its low-price outlet business. (Washington Post)

GapKids will be harnessing the power of celebrity by teaming up with the well-loved Ellen DeGeneres for a new line called GapKids x ED. The brand has seen a succession of campaigns flop, and products that don’t resonate with their target audience. This new line is focused on empowering young girls for the back-to-school season. (MediaPost)

Smart retailers know that visual campaigns are more successful than pure print. Instagram is an almost purely visual social media platform, as is Pinterest. Microsoft Bing is also trying to make finding products easier with better images and links to Pinterest.  (National Retail Federation)

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