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Retail Round-Up: The Magic Mirror, and Solutions to Fit Problems

Retail Round-Up: The Magic Mirror, and Solutions to Fit Problems

Imagine a mirror that can analyze your face, remember your past cosmetics purchases, and suggest a flattering lipstick color. The Magic Mirror is just one of Maxus’ new technologies that are elevating the in-store experience. The iShelf and an app called Wayfinder are also designed to better interact with today’s hyper-connected consumer. (MediaTel)

In Philadelphia, the Rittenhouse district is currently undergoing a retail makeover—and it seems to reflect the city’s buying habits perfectly. Brands like Vince, MAC Cosmetics, Uniqlo and Nordstrom Rack offer a better selection of affordable luxury and fashion-forward basics for a population whose fashion personality is described as “a little schizophrenic”. (philly.com)

Celebrity endorsements are coming to an Instagram feed near you. Aritzia is using celebs and well-known fashion bloggers in their latest fall campaign for the popular social media platform. They understand that their customers turn to Instagram for style inspiration, and are using it to tell stories about their brand. (Marketing Magazine)

Millennials constitute a super important consumer segment. With daily articles about their shopping behavior, it can be confusing to paint an accurate portrait of this group. This easy-to-follow infographic in Melissa Hoffmann’s article breaks it down into digestible stats. (ADWEEK)

Shopping online can be a frustrating experience when the item for which you waited a week finally arrives—only to be a poor fit. Several tech start-ups have set out to solve the problem by creating advanced fit recommendation algorithms, and have been raising millions of dollars to do it. So far, the solutions have been difficult or expensive for companies to implement. (Business of Fashion)


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