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Retail Round-Up: Super Saturday Sales Forecast, and why Ugly Sweaters are Trending

Retail Round-Up: Super Saturday Sales Forecast, and why Ugly Sweaters are Trending

Having an online store is crucial, even for retailers whose bread-and-butter comes from brick-and-mortar. Online conversion rates for physical stores are typically low, but there are many ways retailers can improve their digital experience. Our own Dax Dasilva shares key advice that retailers can apply today to optimize their online stores. (Retail Online Integration)

Black Friday sales declined slightly this year compared to the past, but merchants can look forward to a super successful Super Saturday. The Saturday before Christmas is typically a high-performing day for retail, and this year it’s expected to actually surpass Black Friday sales! (Market Watch)

Window displays from major department stores up the ante every year with their over-the-top, interactive, holiday masterpieces. Most stores don’t have Bergdorf Goodman’s budget for creating an eye-popping storefront, but with the right lighting and color palette, they can attract holiday shoppers effectively. (Entrepreneur)

December 12 marks the annual National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day in the United States, when people are encouraged to wear gaudy, holiday-themed creations without shame. Retailers are capitalizing on this day to offer colorful sweaters and even suits for women and men. Rent the Runway, an online retailer that has recently joined the brick-and-mortar world, just put out a capsule collection of tacky threads to rent for the event. (CNBC)

Are retail salaries as unacceptably low as they are often portrayed? A recent study suggests that compared to similar industries, full-time retail pay isn’t below the average at all. In many cases, managers earn six figures. (Forbes)

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