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Retail Round-Up: Selling 3D Printers, and How IKEA Keeps on Growing

Retail Round-Up: Selling 3D Printers, and How IKEA Keeps on Growing

Interest in 3D printers is starting to pick up speed – especially since they can now be found at places like Home Depot, Staples and Sam’s Club. MakerBot, a leader in the desktop 3D printing industry, believes that providing accessibility to 3D printers in physical stores will help accelerate the adoption of 3D printing with a wide variety of customers. For this new product, education is a must, and retailers will have to put in the time to show customers how to use it. (Forbes)

China and Russia are key economies for IKEA, the furniture brand that plans to expand in these regions by opening shopping centers. Since the first opening in 2001, IKEA’s shopping centre business has grown to 58 out-of-town malls and retail parks in 13 European countries, and since last year also in China. Opening these shopping centers is a key way for IKEA to draw people to its store, as well as collect rent from tenants.  (Reuters)

Teenagers (and their wallets) have spoken: they love Michael Kors. Coach is out, and Michael Kors is in according to the spending habits of average-income American teen girls this year. Will being the favorite eventually make the the Kors label as ubiquitous (therefore less desirable) as Coach? (BloombergBusiness)

Brick-and-mortar retailers face online competitors like eBay and Amazon, and now…Etsy? Looks like Wall Street investors are fans of homemade crafts, as Etsy is the latest hot technology IPO. The New York-based company just priced its offering at the high end of its anticipated range, $16 per share, valuing the 10-year old company at $1.78 billion. (CNBC)

Wal-Mart understands omnichannel retail. Shoppers can now buy online and pick up their purchases in store – the fact that there are stores within 10 miles of 90% of Americans is a huge advantage. This will make ordering groceries online especially convenient.(Internet Retailer)

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