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Retail Round-Up: New Shopping Apps and the Future of Retail (According to Toms)

Retail Round-Up: New Shopping Apps and the Future of Retail (According to Toms)

Traditional brick-and-mortar retail is due for a major makeover, or so says Blake Mycoskie, the founder of Toms. In this interview, he explains why stores need to step up their omnichannel game, and realize they need to focus on the customer, and not necessarily on one specific channel. (Inc.)

Best Buy’s omnichannel strategy just took a step forward, with the addition of curb-side pick-up. By teaming up with mobile shopping app Curbside to give shoppers’ legs a break, they now enable consumers to shop on their smartphone then have their parcels delivered right to their cars “curbside”. Now that’s convenience! (TechCrunch)

Michael Kors is turning to Snapchat as a new platform to attract their target market in an effort to seem cooler and in-the-know. While Snapchat might seem like an unlikely platform for a luxury brand, Michael Kors is facing the reality that they have mass market appeal. (DIGIDAY)

Why are Americans unsatisfied with shopping in brick-and-mortar stores? According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, scores have been dropping for the first time in four years, possibly due to higher prices. Nordstrom, however rose four percent, while Wal-Mart dropped by four percent. (NBC News)

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