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Retail Round-Up: New Retail Apps and Why Target Failed in Canada

Retail Round-Up: New Retail Apps and Why Target Failed in Canada

Consumers are armed with even more knowledge than ever before. The latest cause? New smartphone apps. Mobile-enhanced shopping is here to stay, and retailers will now have to adapt to new apps like Find&Save, which lets consumers receive promotions from competing businesses whenever they enter a store. (Huffington Post)

The majority of Americans shopping for dress sizes 8-18 don’t typically like to consider themselves “plus sized.” It’s why online store “Hey Gorgeous” by Aimee Chesire doesn’t use that term, and they’re seeing the payoff. They’re expanding their reach, enticing more customers, and understand that bridging the gap between the 0-8 and the 14+ range is the way to go. (Fashionista)

In their first year in business in Canada, Target lost nearly 1 billion dollars, and is now facing the closure of 133 stores nationwide. Many issues are responsible for the failed expansion: poorly planned interiors (due to inheriting Zellers’ locations), failing to acquire Zellers’ sales history, and high prices compared to American stores are just some of the many variables responsible for their failure to win the Canadian market. (CBC News)

Retail projections for the U.S in 2015 are looking positive. Consumers under the age of 34 are expected to drive key categories such as neighborhood convenience stores and upscale specialty store due to their urban lifestyles and increasingly better employment rates. Dollar stores and second-hand luxury stores will also thrive at opposite ends of the socioeconomic segments. (Chicago Tribune)

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