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Introducing Lightspeed Mobile Tap: Take Payments From Anywhere

Introducing Lightspeed Mobile Tap: Take Payments From Anywhere

It wasn’t so long ago that you could find yourself hunting for an ATM to pay your restaurant tab, and paying steep service fees for the privilege. Then along came technology—cue heavenly sound effect!—and fast, convenient restaurant payments became a reality. Very soon after that it became an expectation, then a requirement. 

Today, there’s a dizzying number of payment methods and restaurants need a way to accommodate guest expectations when the bill comes. That’s why we’re excited to announce the new Lightspeed Mobile Tap—now, Lightspeed Restaurant (K-Series) users in the U.S. can accept swipe, tap, chip and pin and contactless payments from anywhere in the restaurant. 

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What is Lightspeed Mobile Tap? 

Lightspeed Mobile Tap is a powerful, portable payment device that allows restaurants to accept virtually all payment methods without spending a fortune on terminals. 

Designed to look great on any counter, or slip comfortably into pockets and pouches, the Mobile Tap lets you turn an iPhone or iPad into a handheld payment terminal, allowing servers to take payments from anywhere — and look good doing it.

What payments can you accept with Lightspeed Mobile Tap?

Don’t let the size fool you—though she be but little, she is fierce. Lightspeed Mobile Tap accepts all swipe, tap, and chip and pin payments. Guests can even pay with their mobile phone or smart watch.

Starting at only $69 USD, the Mobile Tap is a complete payment solution at an accessible price point.

How does Lightspeed Mobile Tap work? 

With Lightspeed Mobile Tap hardware, a 1:1 Bluetooth connection lets you turn your POS device into a handheld payment terminal. One handheld POS (iPhone or iPad) + one Mobile Tap = one complete, end-to-end ordering and payment solution. 

Fully integrated with Lightspeed Restaurant (K-Series), and designed with iOS-first restaurants in mind, the Mobile Tap is an easy and cost-effective way to boost your payment processing abilities without having to rethink or reorganize your operations. Simply pair it with your POS and start selling.

Armed with the Mobile Tap, servers can take care of the entire transaction from start to finish, without herding guests to a central service counter. Guests can settle their bills quickly so staff can turn tables faster. And because it uses Bluetooth, and not a hardwired terminal or Wi-Fi connection, you can say goodbye to service dead zones and connectivity issues.

Benefits of Lightspeed Mobile Tap

Take payments from anywhere

With Lightspeed Mobile Tap, you can serve and take payments from anywhere in your restaurant, which means no more herding guests and no more bottlenecks at the service counter

Think of the last time you went into a busy restaurant or cafe. If there were dozens of people crowded around the service counter, did you stay? Or did you think “it’s too busy, the wait will be too long” and leave to find another place?

Spatial crowding around the entrance of your restaurant can be off putting for customers and can disrupt workflows, slowing down service and hurting your overall efficiency. With the Mobile Tap, guests can pay where they are, which means:

  • Better guest experience
  • Faster, smoother workflows
  • More efficient table turnover 
  • Ability to serve more guests

Besides taking payments tableside, Mobile Tap makes it easy to manage high-traffic periods that require operational flexibility, like major sporting events, work mixers and special events. 

Instead of trying to drive those World Cup soccer fans into tables—good luck, by the way—imagine if you could turn that chaos into organized chaos and frictionless sales? (Oh wait, now you can with Lightspeed Mobile Tap!)

Let your guests pay how they want

Letting your guests pay how they want doesn’t just improve the guest experience, it also improves your bottom line. 

Remember the dark ages before cashless payments when what you had in your wallet was the maximum amount you could spend? You may have wanted to order another drink, or to get that dessert, but you had to stop yourself because you couldn’t pay the way you wanted to.  

The same is true today (even if payment methods have changed a little). Lightspeed Mobile Tap helps you get rid of any barriers to spending, so staff can upsell, increase average checks, and get the most out of every cover

Minimize disruptions with a reliable backup plan

If you’re a high-volume restaurant, we know the idea of something going wrong with your payment terminals keeps you up at night. While you can never predict a broken terminal, you can plan for it.

With Lightspeed Mobile Tap, busy restaurants can get a reliable, low-cost backup solution. Think of it as your reserve team. One of your “first team” terminals gets dropped one too many times? The Mobile Tap is ready to fill in. Way busier than usual? The Mobile Tap is ready to assist.

Ok, that’s enough sports analogies. Basically, should anything happen to your existing payment terminals, Lightspeed Mobile Tap is a complete payment solution, at a small price point, that can step in so you can keep on selling.

Lightspeed Mobile Tap features

  • Compact and stylish: Looks great on any service counter, or slips comfortably into pockets and pouches.
  • Takes all major payment methods: Accepts chip and pin, swipe, tap, contactless cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and more.
  • Powerful and lightweight: Durable, lightning fast processor with a robust battery that lasts up to two business days.
  • Safe and secure: Processes all chip, swipe, tap, and mobile transactions with end-to-end data encryption.
  • Easy setup and integration: Fully integrated with Lightspeed Restaurant (K-Series), set up in seconds via the K-Series app.
  • Connects via Bluetooth: Won’t slow down other terminals or impact Wi-Fi bandwidth.


Any Lightspeed Restaurant (K-Series) user in the United States can use the Mobile Tap with a paired device (iPhone or iPad), provided they also have Lightspeed Payments. 

Ready to take more payments, from anywhere? Talk to one of our experts today.


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