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How Lightspeed Tableside Keeps Service Hustling (and Staff Happy)

How Lightspeed Tableside Keeps Service Hustling (and Staff Happy)

Need a seamless way for guests to pay at table, on the patio and beyond? Lightspeed Tableside is a complete POS and payments solution specifically designed to help restaurants move faster and be more agile. Click here for a product overview

Wondering if your restaurant could benefit from Lightspeed Tableside? Keep reading to learn more about its top features and benefits.

Lightspeed Tableside helps streamline workflows and boost efficiency, saving your team valuable time on every order. Its mobility enables servers to sell more with less effort, which boosts tips for servers and brings more money into your restaurant. It also helps to create a more positive and frictionless work environment by reducing errors, improving flow and freeing up time for more important tasks. 

Lightspeed Tableside is currently only available to restaurants using Lightspeed Restaurant (K-Series) powered by Lightspeed Payments in the United States. Talk to an expert to find out if Lightspeed Tableside is the right solution for your business. 

On-the-spot orders and payments

Or Here’s why your servers will love Lightspeed Tableside

Lightspeed Tableside fits easily into a back pocket or apron pouch, so servers can take orders and payments on the spot from anywhere in your restaurant. They aren’t tethered to a specific location or stuck behind a fixed POS terminal.

Because servers can take and send orders tableside, it’s a lot harder to make a mistake because of terrible handwriting or because a server forgot to ask about modifiers. In general, fewer mistakes equals more satisfied customers, better tips and a more positive experience for both your guests and your servers. 

And because they can split bills and process payments at the table, employees can more efficiently manage busy periods, helping to reduce stress during peak hours and making for a more positive and productive work environment.

Let’s imagine you run a busy sports bar or pub.

It’s the World Cup and hundreds of soccer fans descend upon your establishment. Chairs and tables are repositioned in accordance with the best view of the TV, throwing your floor plan into disarray. Instead of trying to herd guests into manageable sections—which absolutely never works with soccer fans—servers armed with Tableside devices could go through the crowd taking orders and payments on the fly. Using Tableside’s custom tabs, they can even type in the customer’s name so chits come out with names attached—making it easy to keep track of who ordered what. 

Pubs have long relied on the “just go order at the bar” strategy when the floor becomes unmanageable. Not only is this strategy frustrating for the servers who lose out on income, it’s frustrating for your customers who’d rather be watching the game. With Tableside, your servers can keep selling in their sections, your guests get what they want and you get to sell more product. Learn more about Lightspeed Tableside. 

Send orders directly from the table to kitchen

Or Here’s why your cooks will love Lightspeed Tableside

Because servers don’t need to make dozens of trips back and forth to a fixed POS, they don’t end up punching in orders for multiple tables all at once, slamming the kitchen. When the kitchen is overwhelmed, food tends to come out slower and stress levels rise. In fact, it’s one of the major reasons why being a line cook can be so stressful. 

With Tableside’s instant order sending, servers take and send orders tableside, so chits come up in the kitchen at a more steady pace, allowing the expeditor to maintain better control over the line and ensure the smooth and timely flow of orders. Menu changes are received in real time. If something is 86’d in the kitchen, it becomes unavailable to order on the device so servers can’t accidentally order something that’s no longer available.

Let’s imagine you run the kitchen at a full-service restaurant.

It’s a busy Saturday night and you’ve just pushed 25 dinners over the line, you’ve got another 10 waiting to be plated, 18 unopened tickets on your screen plus two orders needed on the fly. Twenty five plates are quickly cooling in the window and there’s no space left to put new plates. You’re calling for hands but no one’s coming, food orders are backing up and when a server finally appears it’s to ask you if this or that dish contains this or that allergen. 

With Tableside, servers save time and keep better control over their sections, so plates spend less time waiting for a food runner, and customers get their meals while they’re hot. 

Arguably the best feature of all, allergens assigned to menu items are displayed on the POS at the tap of a button, empowering servers to manage guests’ food allergies on their own, without disrupting the kitchen.

Built for the rush

Or Here’s why your bartenders will love Lightspeed Tableside

Lightspeed Tableside is specifically designed to help restaurants move faster and be more agile, which is the name of the game behind the bar. With a 24-hour battery, Tableside can handle the rush, day or night, without needing to be charged every shift change. 

Fully EMV, Magstripe, contactless and digital wallet enabled, customers can tap, dip, swipe or use their mobile phones to pay, so you’ll never lose another sale because of a legacy payment terminal. Imagine what that could mean for hotel bars and restaurants, who welcome guests (and payment methods) from around the world on a daily basis.

Let’s imagine you run a bar or nightclub.

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day and the bar is three rows deep. There’s no time to refill stock, change kegs, cut fruit, wipe down the bar, speak to guests to gauge their level of intoxication, or basically anything else. As one redditor describes it, “you feel like you’re getting attacked by a flock of ducks who want some of your bread.”

With Lightspeed Tableside, you can take some of the pressure off your bartenders by empowering your wait staff to take orders and payments from wherever your paying customers are. 

Customers can flag down a server instead of spending the night pressed up against a stranger’s back trying to catch the eye of the bartender. Not only is this a better experience for guests, it’s a better experience for staff and it helps your business increase revenue by making it faster and easier for guests to order and pay. Learn more.

Fully integrated with Lightspeed Restaurant

Or Here’s why your managers will love Lightspeed Tableside

Lightspeed Tableside is part of a unified POS and payments platform. Our tools connect your point of sale (POS), payment processing, inventory tracking, marketing, third-party integrations and more, so you can manage all aspects of your business within a single ecosystem. 

Because Tableside is fully integrated with Lightspeed Restaurant and powered by Lightspeed Payments, you’re still collecting invaluable data with every transaction. Your tableside devices and your active POS are in constant communication, so sales data and reports show exactly what’s happening in your restaurant in real time. If you’re checking the sales or running reports remotely, you know you’re using the most up-to-date information to make decisions. 

Best of all, Tableside is affordable for operations of any size. Because it’s so affordable compared to dedicated payment terminals, restaurants with heavy foot traffic or who serve especially high volume can use the devices to backup their existing terminals. Whether you want a contingency plan for a damaged terminal, or extra terminals for super busy days, Lightspeed Tableside’s got you covered. Click here for more info

Reach out to us or contact your account manager directly to find out if Lightspeed Tableside is right for you. 

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