Retail marketing best practices:

21 tips to dramatically improve your retail marketing efforts

Retail marketing best practices: 21 tips to dramatically improve your retail marketing efforts

Retail marketing is more challenging than ever. From building a strong brand and measuring ROI, to creating relevant offers for customers, the reality of retail is constantly changing. To help, we’ve gathered 21 comprehensive retail marketing tips which cover five major components of an effective marketing strategy: customer happiness, offline marketing, online marketing, in-store strategy and branding. Here are a few:

Tip 1: The Smile Program: Loyalty and Referral Programs Keep Customers Happy
A happy customer is a loyal customer. Not only do loyal customers spend more, they’re more likely to refer your business to a friend or family member who then has a 92% chance of trusting you simply because your customer was happy about your product or service. When you look at it this way, loyalty programs and referral programs make a ton of sense if done right.

Tip 2: He Said, She Said: How to Make Word-of-Mouth Retail Marketing Work for You
Word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM) works. There’s nothing like being talked about by millions of people, because these kinds of conversations are what can make or break your brand. People are constantly asking the opinion of their peers before making a decision, but it’s not always over the Internet and social media –it never has been. A vast majority of discussions about brands, products and services happen in everyday, offline public encounters.

Tip 3: Going Viral: How to Make your Online Presence Felt
Do you have an online presence? Having a so-so website and a semi-active Twitter account just won’t cut it in today’s fast moving marketing landscape. Your customers will drop you in favor of a newer, shinier competitor. You absolutely have to update and make your online footprint as big and loud as you can, because everyone wants to hangout with the cool kids.

This guide aims to serve as a valuable reference for all retail companies, whether your business is already running or if you’re just getting started. For more tips, download our full version…