A mobile POS for your retail store

Cloud-based mPOS

Bring your retail operation into the digital world and benefit from using a fully mobile, flexible and secure POS. You can simply install the software on an iPad and get selling.

  • Get real-time data anytime, anywhere
  • Secure your data even when the hardware is damaged
  • Elevate your system with various integrations
  • Set up integrated payments
iPad and lights

Better in-store experience

Let long lines, slow transactions and quick runs to the back for inventory checks, become relics of the past. With Lightspeed Retail, your staff always has all the information customers need on-hand and can take payments right from the sales floor.

  • Bring your POS to the sales floor
  • Checkout on the spot with integrated payments
  • Cut long lines
  • Increase your staff’s product knowledge
  • Use wireless cash drawer, barcode scanner, receipt printer and payment processors
Retailer in a store

Mobile inventory

From the back office to the hands of a customer, your inventory never stops moving. Lightspeed Retail allows you to follow the journey of every single SKU so you always know what you have and where your stock is.

  • Track returns to vendors
  • Transfer items across locations
  • Sell your products everywhere

Mobile reporting

Going away on a trip with your family or attending trade shows to check out current trends doesn’t mean you have to disconnect from your store. Now you can get away from your store and not miss a thing.

  • Track sales from anywhere
  • Manage your staff remotely
  • Analyze your store performance from anywhere, anytime