A hobby shop POS that takes away the guesswork

Great POS software should give you more time for customers, and make it easy to have more of what they're looking for in stock. We can do that.

One of the main challenges that hobby shop owners and managers face is managing a large inventory of small items. Our system not only makes categorizing and organizing items simple, but also tracks every item sold and ensures that stock is replenished quickly and easily. And that’s only the beginning.

Save time by scanning items and importing catalogs

Let’s face it, with the amount of stock on the shelves in hobby shops today, data entry can quickly become a hassle. Hobby store owners deal with hundreds if not thousands of individual items, so their point of sale needs to help them input item information quickly. Our solution lets you scan a barcode or type in a vendor number to find a product, then easily import it into your system. Our POS also comes with preloaded retail catalogues so you can replenish your stock with items from popular vendors with the click of a button.

Build lasting relationships with your customers

Since hobby shops tend to cater to a very specialized customer base, it’s all the more important to nurture those relationships. Easily manage your entire customer database from one place. Encourage shoppers to return by keeping track of your customers’ preferences and offering them credit or discounts tailored to their preferences. Notify your customer base of promotions and offer payment options like layaways and special orders.

Streamline your orders

Our POS allows you to build straightforward order management processes that will save you time and give you full control over your stock levels. Set reorder points for items in your inventory and to ensure that you have the stock you need. Add items from multiple vendors into one order and enter special orders right into your purchase orders directly from your hobby shop point of sale.

See how Lightspeed Retail can work for your hobby shop

Grow your business with real-time data

Our retail solution delivers over 40 advanced reports from our user-friendly dashboard to help you analyze your store and employee performance, whether you have one store or multiple locations. Access real-time data to get an overview of top items sold, profits per hour, sales by product categories, and much more. Learn everything you need to know about your business so you can take it where you want it to go.

Easily manage your team

Empower your employees and protect your business. Our POS allows you to view transaction logs for each of your employees as well as track sales progress. Set security levels to give different employees different dashboard access levels. With our built in clock-in, clock-out functionality, you can keep track of hours worked from anywhere. Our POS also easily integrates with top business accounting software, allowing you to create and submit payroll timesheets with the touch of a button.

Take your hobby shop online

Taking your brick-and-mortar store online has never been simpler than with our omnichannel solution. Get your online store up and running within minutes so that you can cater to a wider customer base and make more sales. Merge your in-store and online inventory, and manage your online and offline presence from a single, centralized platform.

"If you are starting an online retail store, you may not realise it yet but you really will need a solution as good as Lightspeed’s to be really successful.”

- James Hall from Goblin Gaming