Craft the perfect customer experience with our POS system.

Print bacodes

Print bacodes

Our POS system saves you time by printing anything your store needs, such as price tags and barcode tags.

24x7 Technical support

Questions you may have can be answered by our technical support staff who are ready to answer your call

Built-in reporting features

Our POS system helps you make Use the most up-to-date sales data to manage inventory and..

Flexibility with discounting

Reward your returning customers with discounts, which can be applied to item categories, brands..

Simple inventory setup

Simple inventory setup

Automate a manual process by using our 3-feature matrix. Create multiple versions of the same style of item, setting different prices for each products.

Keep your store safe

Keep your store safe

With our POS system, you stay in the drivers seat. Retain control over employee access, block the cost of items, choose who can create discounts and much more.

Set reorder points for inventory

Creating purchase orders is now simple and fast. When you set a custom reorder point, your next purchase order is automatically populated with the items that have reached the point you set.

Submit purchase orders

Purchase orders can be completed, faxed or emailed through your POS. Working with a vendor that’s integrated with Lightspeed POS? Submit the order directly online.

Lightspeed has been featured by:

“Lightspeed allows shop owners to create an online presence by processing sales that occurs on their website and at their physical store location.”
Wall Street Journal
“Lightspeed, which differentiates itself from competitors like Square and PayPal with its back-office software, is gearing up for expansion.”