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Donna’s Pet Depot is bringing more customers in-store with Lightspeed.

Donna’s Pet Depot founder and namesake Donna Nusspickel set out to provide high-quality pet supplies to dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and pets of any kind in 2014. Since then, Donna’s Pet Supply has added grooming to their services and expanded into a successful franchise business.

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Northvale, New Jersey

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The prevalence of ecommerce has made it hard for brick and mortar retailers to stand out. Being a niche retailer, Donna’s Pet Supply needed a new way to connect potential customers with their extensive stock. Without a way to organize and promote their products online, Donna was missing out: “certain items were found in certain stores, and once those stores closed, customers didn’t know where to get them.”


Managing the wide and varied stock of a pet store was a challenge before Lightspeed. Now, Donna’s Pet Depot is now able to monitor stock better than ever. Getting organized has helped owner Donna expand her online presence as well, with the aid of Pointy, a Lightspeed integration. “Lightspeed collects what we have, what we carry, how many we have in stock, and Pointy has the ability to post online. So, if someone's looking for specific products, they can Google it online and we'll come up.”

Donna Nusspickel is connecting with shoppers in-store with Lightspeed

“Running a store is twice as hard as you think it's going to be, but it is very rewarding. You just got to love it. You got to love animals, you got to love pets, you have to like people, and hope to go forward.” With Pointy, Donna’s Pet Depot is making more personal connections with local animal lovers: “for certain products that they didn't know we carried, that they were looking for, that's become a little harder to find, they were able to find us.”

Donna Nusspickel is connecting with shoppers in-store with Lightspeed

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