Retail inventory management software

Inventory tracking system built to empower retailers

Simplify your retail inventory management system with software developed to help you do more fast.

Manage all your stock all from a single inventory POS system.

Connect with suppliers

Browse and buy from built-in supplier catalogs to save time and effort.

Speed up ordering

Order new inventory in seconds with built-in purchase orders.

Track inventory across channels

Online, in store, across the city, on social media or marketplaces—manage everything from a unified system.

Avoid out-of-stocks

Set reorder points and use low stock alerts to keep on top of inventory.

Keep on top of counts

Say goodbye to inventory shrinkage with easy-to-use inventory counting tools.

Easily update prices

Make price changes across your entire business with just a click.

Automate your supplier information with B2B Catalog

Access thousands of products synced straight to your POS with our B2B catalog. Add pre-loaded product information from your suppliers to your POS, saving time and ensuring your product data is accurate.

  • Add key product information from thousands of popular suppliers to your POS with a single click
  • When receiving products or adding products to a PO, you can search the B2B Catalog for a product by name, keyword or UPC
  • Import all the product data a brand has uploaded on the product, including UPC, MSRP, description, image and name

Order new stock right from your inventory tracking system.

Running low? Order new stock directly from Lightspeed Retail.

Save time
Order directly from Lightspeed Retail with built-in purchase orders.

Order for every store
Manage purchasing for multiple locations.

Make the sale
Easily fulfill and deliver special orders for customers.

Across the board, what we really like about it is the fact that we're able to arrange our products and organize our products nicely in Lightspeed.

Ben Nourse, Co-Owner, Borrego Outfitters

Retail inventory management software to track stock across channels.

Manage everything—from adding new products to creating variants and monitoring stock levels—in seconds with a powerful cloud-based inventory system that unites all your channels in a single system.

  • Track inventory levels and SKUs across multiple locations, no matter where you are
  • Create product variants to manage different sizes, colours and more
  • Identify inventory with unique serial numbers in any of your locations from a single search

Quickly manage products and prices with a unified inventory tracking system.

Have full control over how you sell and how much you charge with inventory management software that helps you optimize the sales floor. Manage discounts and promotions, set up seasonal promotions in advance and much more.

  • Use our product import tool to upload new products instantly
  • Make bulk pricing changes to adjust prices across all your channels at once
  • Use price books to offer special pricing and loyalty reward amounts
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is retail inventory software?

Retail inventory software is a specialized tool that enables stores to efficiently manage and track their stock levels. Inventory management software helps retailers maintain accurate records of their inventory, streamline operations and optimize their stock based on sales trends and forecasts.

Stores can keep track of inventory using inventory management systems that monitor stock levels, manage reordering and track sales. Systems like Lightspeed update in real time, ensuring that sales and stock levels are always synchronized. It also provides analytics to help retailers make informed decisions about stock replenishment and markdowns.

An inventory tracking system is a part of inventory management that focuses specifically on monitoring the quantities of goods in stock, and potentially their location within a store or warehouse. A POS (Point of Sale) inventory management system integrates the sales and inventory functions, enabling real-time tracking of inventory as sales occur. This system helps retailers understand what is selling well and what isn’t, allowing them to adjust purchasing and marketing strategies accordingly. It simplifies the sales process by automatically updating inventory levels as transactions are processed at the point of sale.

This system is crucial for retailers to ensure they have the right products in the right quantities at the right time, maximizing sales potential and minimizing holding costs.

Which inventory system is best for a small business?

Choosing the best inventory system for a small business depends on several factors, including the business's size, budget and specific operational needs. Software for inventory management should offer features like automatic stock level updates, multi-channel sales integration, supplier and purchase order management, and detailed analytics on inventory turnover and sales trends. The ideal software also includes forecasting tools to help predict future sales and inventory needs based on historical data.

To pick the right system for your business:

1. Assess needs: determine what features are most important for your business, such as sales tracking, order management or customer data integration.
2. Choose software: select software that fits your budget and meets your identified needs. It should allow for easy input and tracking of inventory, sales monitoring and data analysis.
3. Set up and integration: implement the software, set up product categories and integrate it with other systems like accounting or customer relationship management (CRM) if necessary. Look for professional onboarding services from your POS provider to speed up the process.
4. Train: train staff on how to use the system efficiently to ensure accuracy in data entry and operations. Your POS provider may be able to assist.

Which is the best inventory management software for wholesale and retail businesses?

Can I connect my retail inventory to ecommerce through Lightspeed?

Yes, you can connect your retail inventory to ecommerce with Lightspeed. Lightspeed Retail and Lightspeed eCom are an integrated system that allow you to manage your inventory data for both sales channels from one platform. You'll be able to connect your webstore with your brick and mortar location's inventory for streamlined sales and stock management.

How can I migrate inventory data to Lightspeed?

You can quickly transition to Lightspeed Retail by using a spreadsheet to import your inventory. Learn more about importing products to Lightspeed Retail (X-Series) here.