A 6-step guide to email marketing for eCommerce

A 6-step guide to email marketing for eCommerce

In our highly digitized world, email is often the only form of communication that businesses have with their customers, outside of the firm’s website, of course. If email is the primary (or only) form of communication with your customers, then you’ve got to make every one you send count.

Inspired customers are happy customers, and happy customers come back again and again. Doesn’t that sound great?

To help you get there, we’ve put together a 6-step guide to email marketing. Whether you’re completely new to email marketing, or a pro looking for fresh inspiration, we think you’ll find this guide useful. Here’s an overview of what the guide will cover:

Making a plan: Before starting your email marketing campaign, it’s important that you have specific goals about what you want to achieve. Email marketing is a very adaptable and customizable tool, meaning that no two email marketing strategies look exactly alike.
Building a contact list: Building a contact list is an essential ingredient in email marketing. After all, you need recipients to send your newsletters to.
Segmenting contacts: As you’re uploading contacts into your recipient management system, don’t forget to add as much identifying information as you can.
Designing awesome newsletters: Designing a good newsletter can be tricky. You want to be helpful without being intrusive, and you want to display your best products without seeming too pushy.
Automating e-mails: Email marketing software offers powerful automation tools, allowing you to set up automated campaigns that do a lot of the work for you.
Analyzing the data: Email marketing provides a lot of data that you can use to continually measure, track and optimize your campaigns.

How can you make sure that every email you send yields the results you want? Download a full version of our 6-step guide to email marketing, which will have you communicating with your customers like a pro…