A POS solution your business can count on

A POS solution your business can count on

Do more with your POS. The right system can help you manage every aspect of your business from one day to the next. From simplifying inventory management, to generating reports, tracking sales and helping you deliver the ultimate customer service, you get the tools you need to run a successful restaurant or retail store.

The POS solution that helps your retail store

Whether you own a bike shop, a fashion boutique, a pet shop or any other kind of one or multi-location retail business, you need the right POS to help you manage the day-to-day.

graphic for inventory management system

Improved inventory management
for your retail store

Simplify the entire process of product ordering

A clean and consistent ordering process ensures that you have the items your customers are looking for. Lightspeed’s POS solution can help you manage your ordering process. Create one purchase order for multiple vendors and set stock reorder points to help you build out vendor orders as soon as your most popular items run low.

Save time on daily inventory
management tasks

Expanding your inventory is simple. You can, of course, add individual items one by one, or you can add multiple pieces in one fell swoop with the help of bulk item imports. When adding individual products to your point of sale solution, you can automatically create up to three product variations, such as size, color and neck style, in one simple step.

Sell more by combining items
or breaking apart packages

Certain items go together naturally. You can increase your sales by merging two separate items into one bundle and manually setting on the price in your POS. If needed, you can separate the items apart at any point and sell at their individual prices, including items usually sold as a package, such as cases of wine. Sell each bottle individually or as part of a case.

The power to take your business where you want

Expand your business
Turn your business vision into a reality. Whether you plan to open a pop up, visit trade shows or sell online, Lightspeed’s POS solution can adapt so you can achieve your business goals. What’s more, your POS lets you track customer information you can use towards creating effective targeted marketing campaigns.

Bring your store from
the sales floor to the road

Whether you’re in your store or on the road, you can track how sales are going from your mobile POS system, which you can access anywhere you have an internet connection. You can take your branded iPad-POS with you wherever you go, leaving you free to conduct your business as you wish. Whether you’re moving around your sales floor or a trade show floor, you can access your sales information, product information and customer information.

Move stock easily, whether between
locations or back to sender

Moving stock around doesn’t have to take a lot of effort. When issues arise with inventory –– whether you’ve received items that defective, damaged or simply unnecessary –– returning to your vendor is simple. Once you return a product back to the sender, it will be removed from your stock. If one store needs an item from another location, making the transfer is fast and doesn’t require the user to manually adjust inventory levels at either location.

Better manage your business with a robust retail POS solution

Engage with a retail POS system

The ability to give customers more than they expect

Forge strong and long-last relationships with your customers

Customers fuel your business. Building strong relationships is crucial to keeping your customers coming back and growing your store. Give your customers what they’re looking for, whether it’s layaways, special orders, store credit or deposits. Track customer information so you can offer the right customers the right promotions in the future.

The perfect POS toolbox for your restaurant

A simple to use, cloud-based, restaurant management system can help you run your business, whether you operate a cafe, bar, QSR or table service establishment. Get the right tools to offer your guests the smoothest experience and superior customer service.

An iPad POS solution for your restaurant

Run your restaurant from an iPad-based POS solution

Add a whole new meaning to the term ‘mobility’. A branded iPad sends orders straight from the POS directly to the kitchen or bar –– no need for wait staff to leave the floor to place orders in the back. Increase your staff’s knowledge base by adding additional information to dishes, such as wine pairings, allergy information or images of the food. A more responsible staff will quite simply be able to provide a much better level of customer service.

Self-order menu for quick service

iPad-based point of sale solution
to manage your business

Speed up front-of-house to back-of-house communications

Your front-of-house and back-of-house staff can communicate more quickly with each other by interacting via your point of sale solution. Once your wait staff take customer food orders at the table, your POS automatically sends the orders directly to the kitchen or the bar so your staff can get to preparing, while the server is still at the table. Quicker service means higher table turnover and the means to accommodate more guests.

Be as accommodating as possible to your guests

Flexibility is the cornerstone of excellent customer service. Have the capacity to offer guests anything they want. Offer the option to split bills per guest or per meals and to email receipts.

iPad for restaurant

Set up promotions for special nights

Need to boost sales on a particular night? Use your restaurant POS solution to help you run food and drinks promotions. You can set up timed promotions that run for as long as you want. On top of that, Lightspeed’s reports can show you when you sell the most — or the least — so you know where you need to make improvements.

Offline mode

Your business is always open 24/7

Handle any issues that come your way

Problems with your internet? Your business won’t be affected. In case of internet issues experienced at your restaurant, our Liteserver goes into into ‘offline mode’ to ensure your business can continue operating as normal at all times.

Take your POS solution one step further

Bring your retail or restaurant POS solutions
to the next level with apps

Your own app

There are a wide range of apps you can use to help you manage your business – apps that help you with financing, online employee scheduling, customer loyalty and data analytics. Integration POS partners will help you add the POS features your customers would like to see.

Accurate accounting,
made easy

Reporting dashboard on an iPad POS

Connect your POS directly to QuickBooks or Xero and your accounting data will be posted every day. This will eliminate the chance of data loss or inaccuracies caused by human error and save you the time you spend manually updating your accounting information. The integration with Lightspeed Accounting works with multiple sales taxes and posts data at the category or product level.

Omnichannel Retail

Go omnichannel

Meet your customers wherever they are, whether they shop online or in-store (or both!). Our omnichannel solution offers you the ability to manage your eCommerce and brick-and-mortar stores from one platform, ensuring that your inventory is synced and your reporting encompasses all aspects of your retail business. Going omnichannel means making more sales and spending less time on consolidating information.

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