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From its diverse cultural scene to its incredible start-up community, Montreal has always seemed like a logical choice for our headquarters. We always say we are a tech company infused with design and arts. Located in the restored Gare Viger, formerly a train station and a hotel, our 250 employees benefit from a unique work environment. Creating the cutting-edge technologies of tomorrow in a building charged with history illustrate our philosophy: our city streets don’t lack potential or beauty, but some of them need to be revived. With our solutions, we arm retailers and restaurateurs of Montreal with the tools to bring our city streets to life.

Did you know? Montreal has the highest number of restaurants per capita in Canada and the city is second to New York in North America. On the retail side, local designers, crafters and passionate creators have given the city its uniqueness. Many of these entrepreneurs have trusted Lightspeed as a partner and a supporter of their businesses. Here are 3 places you don’t want to miss in Montreal.


The Brande Group

The Brande Group is based on a desire to own retail stores with a different mentality,” says founder and President Tyan Parent. The game plan? Buy leftover stock from premium clothing lines and sell it at an affordable cost, without damaging their suppliers’ brands.


Biking is almost a religion in Montreal. The long winter makes us feel anxious to get some fresh air and as soon as the paths are cleared up, everyone is biking. If you don’t want to invest in a brand new bike (and if you also want a vintage and cooler ride), Rebicycle specializes in restoring bikes you didn’t think could be used again.

Tuck Shop

Since opening in 2010, Tuck Shop has earned its rightful place as a longstanding member of the Montreal casual fine dining scene. From a rustic seasonal menu to a commitment to top quality ingredients and generous portions, the St. Henri bistro has always stayed true to its roots.



With POS system and Lightspeed eCom, sell in-store and online with a single solution. On one side, a powerful inventory management system strengthened with features like reporting or accounting. On the other side, a smooth, flexible and customizable eCommerce solution allowing you to capture customers in a few clicks! Together, they become the 360° omnichannel solution retailers need to match consumers’ expectations.


With so much work on their plate, it can be a challenge for restaurateurs to take a step back and enjoy what they have built. Table-side ordering, staff management, accounting or reporting, Lightspeed Restaurant helps you manage every aspect of your establishment, so you can focus on creating a memorable customer experience. Whether you own a restaurant, a bar or a hotel, our system will provide you with solutions for more success.

Lightspeed Restaurant, Retail and Onsite

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