Montreal, Quebec

Living in Montreal, one of the most bike-centric cities in North America, has only fed Alexandre Therrien and Benjamin Adler’s love of cycling. It was this deep appreciation along with their desire to share an affordable, high-quality, preowned version of it with their community that first sparked the idea of Rebicycle.

“We want the process of buying a used bike to be the same as buying a new bike or a new car.” -Alexandre Therrien

With the help of Rebicycle, Montrealers can enjoy the thrill and fun of customizing their own preowned bike, with the assurance that its complete assembly will be executed by an experienced bike mechanic.

Alex and Benjamin’s favorite thing about Lightspeed Retail is the time that they save using features like the integrated catalogue, which allows them to easily import preloaded items from their supplier’s catalogues.

“Lightspeed saves us time on menial tasks, so that we can spend more time with our customers and help them find the right bike for their lifestyle and budget.” -Benjamin Adler


Watch how Rebicyle uses Lightspeed to run a better bike shop.

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