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Lightspeed Brings Innovative Payments Technology to the Golf Industry

Lightspeed Payments for Golf

Lightspeed Payments for Golf features new hardware and seamless, integrated payments technology from booking to the pro shop and hospitality services.

Lightspeed Commerce Inc., the one-stop commerce platform for merchants around the world to simplify, scale, and create exceptional customer experiences, today announced the launch of Lightspeed Payments for Golf. This expansion advances Lightspeed’s commitment to bring seamless, integrated payments to its customers globally across products and industries. 

“Payment processing has historically been fragmented and costly for golf operators. Managing a business comes with a myriad of responsibilities, and operators see value in being able to consolidate where their services come from. Lightspeed provides a complementary set of tools and services that alleviate these pain points for modern golf courses and resorts,” said David Hope, General Manager, Golf. “Lightspeed Payments will help our customers streamline their online and physical revenue centers under one integrated payments technology while offering built-in reporting and administrative tools right in their POS.”

Lightspeed Payments is an easy-to-use integrated payment processing solution that empowers merchants with more insights about their business and customers while providing the ease and time savings of working with a single vendor across software with embedded payments. The continued expansion of Lightspeed’s integrated payments solution is core to their strategy of simplifying the customer experience.

“This expansion equips our Golf merchants with the same caliber of payment technology available to major global enterprises from directly within their Lightspeed commerce platform. This gives them more data, resources, and most importantly, time back in their day to focus on their business and their passion,” said General Manager, Payments Jona Georgiou. 

Key features of Lightspeed Payments for Golf include:

  • Frictionless, faster processing at competitive rates: Save on payment processing fees across an entire golf operation (online or in-store, tee time bookings, pro shop, or hospitality).
  • Comprehensive reporting and robust analytics that interact directly with Lightspeed Golf: access accurate, easy-to-read reports faster with native reporting.  
  • Manage your business in one place: simplify your operations with a one-stop solution for payment processing and POS software to improve booking and check-in for staff and golfers.
  • Receive free, personalized support from one provider.
  • Reduce no-shows with the option to require pre-payment online. 
  • Enhanced payment security backed by a global network: EMV, tokenization, and end-to-end encryption. A single source for operational support with chargebacks, fraud, and customer queries. Flexibility with a range of localized payment options, as well as access to Lightspeed Capital for those who qualify. 

Fairways Golf saved on POS operational costs by switching to Lightspeed Golf Payments

For over 10 years, Fairways Golf Membership has prided itself in being Ohio’s best value option for golfing. Offering accessibility for golfers at Mallard Creek, Pine Brook, Briarwood, and Hinckley Hills Golf Clubs, Fairways Golf Membership has a goal to grow the game of golf.

By signing up with Lightspeed, Fairways received a complete commerce solution that helps them operate their restaurant and pro shops all from a single provider. Additionally, with Lightspeed’s transparent payments pricing, Fairways was able to significantly reduce processing costs. Neil McGrew, Director of Sales and Marketing, knew he needed a POS that could manage four busy golf courses from the restaurant to the pro shop. Not only did Lightspeed cost significantly less than their previous system, but it allowed Fairways to offer fast and contactless transactions at every facility. “Lightspeed Payments’ new card readers are fast and easy to use—whether the card’s inserted or using the tap to pay feature,” said McGrew. “This is a benefit to help us run daily operations more efficiently to keep the experience enjoyable for all.”

As commerce becomes increasingly digital and consumer-driven, integrated payments are a cornerstone that connects systems and software to keep a business running smoothly. This integration allows omnichannel merchants to process payments quickly online and off, and streamline their business operations all from a single commerce platform, with premium analytics, reporting, reconciliation, and resources to win chargeback disputes and recover lost sales at no added cost.

Read the full press release to learn more.

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