No one is more passionate about biking that Edwin Morel, owner of New York City’s Talent Cycles. Originally from the Dominican Republic, Edwin started riding bikes as a child and quickly falls in love with it. At the age of 16, biking is already way more than a hobby and he becomes the Dominican Republic junior national champion. As a member of the national team, he adds a few podiums and medals to his resume until he moves to the United States after turning 19.

Despite opening a new chapter of his life in a new country, Edwin was not going to forget about wheels. In 2013, he opens his first business in Harlem: Talent Cycles is born. Thanks to his expertise as a professional cyclist and his contagious passion, the new bike store quickly becomes a reference in the city and attracts the core bike community as well as leisure bike users.

Talent Cycles

With Lightspeed, we do inventory, sales, work orders, we put notes on customers, we send them emails. Basically the whole running.
Every problem…

Every problem…

A one-man operation

Talent Cycles is not only a bike store, it’s a place where people come meet a self-made man who has a real drive for helping people find the ride of their dream. With the Talent Cycles experience revolving around people connecting with its owner, it was more than essential that the business side of things was well taken care of. Like the pieces of a bike need to be assembled for it to move forward, the business’ operations needed to be optimized for Edwin to have time to interact with shoppers.

Cash register, bike repairs, restocking, social media, Edwin does it all, with a little help from part-time employees and family. With his hands full, Edwin knew he needed an all-in-one system that would let him automate some tasks and make it easy for him to access all his business information. As every bike is uniquely assembled for a specific customer, Edwin also had to gather and keep track of his customer data to better serve them and be able to suggest a check-up or the relevant accessories with targeted communications.

... has a solution.

... has a solution.

The freedom to do more

When Edwin started using Lightspeed Retail, a point of sale system that was initially created for bike stores, he immediately saw how the technology was going to make his life easier. On the inventory side, serialized items can be entered as such in the system and he is able to create and track work orders directly, which is a big part of his business. 

When a customer comes in, Edwin always makes sure to warmly welcome them and pay attention to every word they are saying to satisfy their needs. He knows that he can rely on his technology to help him get the work done in the most efficient way possible. Armed with tools to grow and the energy to do even more, Edwin is now thinking about opening new locations. “Once you start riding bikes, you go more and more, and you never stop.“ The Talent Cycle journey is far from over. Lightspeed is joining Edwin on the ride.

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