Shepherd & Dog

Sussex, UK

Nothing represents the quintessential British experience quite like a trip to a country pub, and the picturesque Shepherd and Dog provides a perfect mix of quality and comfort. Nestled amongst the rolling hills of Sussex, its enviable setting reflects an emphasis on locally sourced produce all prepared in-house, accompanied by a range of local beers that would make any connoisseur smile.

Shepherd & Dog

Revenue has doubled since we put in Lightspeed, it’s been really, really helpful. David Pearse, Owner
Sussex, UK

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“The aim is to keep your customers happy, and no customer likes to be kept waiting. Lightspeed means that we can pay at table, bills are instant and online, and food comes out faster, so I turn my tables quicker. This means I make more money.” David Pearse, Owner

Whilst it’s sprawling location is undeniably an asset, staff at the Shepherd and Dog found it difficult to maintain a constant presence with customers sitting in the many nooks and crannies the gardens offer. Lightspeed allows waiters to take orders via the iPad, which are then sent back to the kitchen and bar in seconds. They now spend more time canvassing the gardens instead of running back and forth. The system also allows them to take payment at the table, further cutting the amount of effort for them and the customer, and allowing tables to turn around quicker. As David explains, this has directly affected their revenue.

“As a bar manager my favourite feature is the reports. I can look there and then, at the pub or at home, to see what’s not selling quickly, and what’s selling really quickly; it really helps me with my ordering.” George Wilson, Bar Manager

Alex needs to keep a constant eye on the stock levels at the bar: after all, the Shepherd and Dog prides itself on its enviable selection of local alcohols, and they can’t afford to disappoint. Lightspeed allows him to check inventory from anywhere, and adapt his ordering accordingly, making business as profitable as possible.

“My favourite thing would be the extensive modify options that can be set up.” Alex Zimmer, Front of House Manager

For Alex, the modifier option that Lightspeed offers is vital to creating a seamless interaction between client and staff. The pub enjoys the ability to modify and tweak their dishes to fit the customer’s taste, from omitting mushrooms to adding a little extra cheese. With built in modifiers for every dish, the staff are able to add these notes without any hassle, and the kitchen receives a legible and clear copy of every order, leading to less confusion.

“I would recommend Lightspeed to anyone looking to build up a new exciting business for themselves. I’ve already recommended it to the pub just down the road!” Alex Zimmer, Front of House Manager

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