Serving up eye-catching breakfasts and lunches to local business people and residents during the day, Gauge draws a massive crowd at night. Located smack dab in the middle of Brisbane’s cultural district, there are few places more interesting for a pre-theatre degustation than Gauge. Executive chef, Phil Marchant, notes, “We try to think a bit more before placing things on the plate, using ingredients that are not so common and preparing them in a different way.”

Gauge is Jerome Batten’s second Brisbane restaurant following the success of Sourced Grocer. Following the opening of Gauge, Jerome also launched Maker, right around the corner — a very cozy and extremely popular watering hole, where you can find some of the city’s best pre-theatre drinks.

Every problem...

Every problem...

Time optimization

Running three hospitality establishments that all differ from each other, Jerome had to find the recipe for success – but if managing a single location was a challenge, how was he going to manage three and still have any time to actually enjoy his success? From a bustling cafe or a high-end restaurant to a small cocktail bar, Jerome thought the secret would be to use the same staff across locations to save time.

For his plan to work, he had to ensure that employees wouldn’t have to relearn everything as they move between different locations. They had to be ready to work right away. Running three popular establishments means customers have very high expectations and an interruption in speed or service simply wouldn’t do.

... has a solution.

... has a solution.

The technology for more efficiency

Lightspeed was able to meet the different needs of the unique and dynamic businesses, and was also simple enough that the staff could hop into a different setup and instantly understand the workflows. ”We can now train our staff at each location, but swap them out as the business needs without a hitch,” says executive chef Phil Marchant. “They learn most of it within a day.”

Having a bird’s eye view of the entire business was also crucial to the success of this multi-location business. Lightspeed allows the management team at Gauge to be able to understand different aspects of the business with easy access to data such as weekly sales reports and product breakdown reports. “It allows a chef, in my case, to get a grasp of different aspects of the business and the way they run, such as the front of house,” explains Phil Marchant.

The flexibility and ease of use of Lightspeed have been most helpful to this dynamic group of restaurants and cafes. As Jerome Batten keeps delighting new customers, Lightspeed Restaurant will there to support him, ready to grow with the success of the talented independent entrepreneur. See you at Gauge.

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