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How Mystic Pines added 400 memberships and $200,000 in top-line revenue with Lightspeed Golf

In 2014, something rare and special happened in the golf industry. A brand new golf course opened. Mystic Pines was facing immense challenges as it entered its first season that year. Most golf courses are closing, and yet these brave entrepreneurs had made the decision to open a brand new public golf course on Mohawk territory south of Montreal.

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Growing their reach and customer base

To be successful, Mystic Pines would have to find channels that gave them reach into the wider golf market, and they couldn’t afford to have anything but a perfect and seamless experience for those precious first customers. It became clear early on that Lightspeed Golf would be a good fit for the operation given its marketing capabilities and its ability to connect the course to a wider market.

Building a strong online presence

Mystic Pines took advantage of Lightspeed Golf’s web agency and built a brand new, optimized website that came complete with a booking engine. The booking engine made it simple for players to book online and interact with the community while simplifying processes in the pro shop. The phone wouldn’t ring constantly, yet through the app, players could see who was playing and if the tee sheet was filling up.

Finding long-term success

Flash forward four years later and the course is a bustling operation. 2018 was a record-setting year—they built a brand new clubhouse and pro shop, and rounds are only going up year over year. Between 2017 and 2018, they added 400 memberships and 5,000 rounds. That’s nearly $200,000 in additional revenue! Mystic Pines attributes their success to tight management practices, a beautiful 18-hole course, and of course state-of-the-art software solutions provided by Lightspeed Golf.

"I would recommend Lightspeed Golf to anyone. Integrating was easy, quick, and simple. Even if you are used to an older system, changing to Lightspeed Golf is relatively easy. The results from switching have been incredible, just from using it you’ll wish you switched sooner. Quality comes with Lightspeed Golf, service comes with Lightspeed Golf."

Gilles Remy, Director of Golf

Lightspeed Golf helped Mystic Pines go from a startup to a successful operation

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