macOS Sierra 10.12

  • This version is 100% compatible with macOS Sierra


General Fixes

  • Fixed a performance issue in Quotes, Orders & SROs when adding/removing items
  • Fixed a performance issue in Invoices when adding/removing items
  • Fixed an issue where changing the editable sell price on a base card was not respected
  • Fixed a display issue where you were unable to select “Done” after restoring a database in System Preferences
  • Fixed an issue where switching to POS or quitting after setting up payment processing crashes OnSite
  • Fixed an issue where OnSite would crash on logout while having the payment processor window open
  • Fixed an issue where the receipt printed from POS Mode would not show display the proper gift card balance if the gift card had been recharged
  • Fixed an issue in POS Mode where after adding an item to an invoice after performing a search would return you to the search view
  • Fixed an issue where there would be an unexpected error displayed on the iPad printing a partial return or invoice
  • Fixed an issue where updating the quantity or sell price of an item on an Invoice would cause the Sell price to be reset to the Selling Price of the item from the Product Card
  • Fixed an issue where Cost Average would not display properly if the comma and decimal separators are switched in System Preferences
  • Fixed an issue where editable sell line items with percentage discounts would not be calculated correctly after upgrading from OnSite 2015 2.3.3
  • Fixed an issue where a return on a serialized item would be incorrect after changing the quantity being returned
  • Fixed an issue on the Setup Wizard where it would crash after completion
  • Fixed an issue with serialized items where modifying the quantity of a serialized item would cause the quantity to be displayed as 0
  • Fixed a display issue where after selecting a Pricing Level the name would not be displayed on Quotes, Orders & SROs.
  • Fixed an issue in POS Mode where selecting a debit payment method type would not trigger the Cayan Genius terminal to be activated for processing
  • Fixed a display issue in document previews where macOS Sierra and El Capitan would not refresh the document preview properly on Retina and Non-Retina displays
  • Exporting invoice from Tools->Exports now export all payment information
  • Fixed an issue where launching POS Mode would occasionally cause POS Mode to crash
  • Fixed an issue where Lightspeed would not load any data upon login and cause a crash



  • Master Matrix Products can now be safely deleted from the API
  • Fixed an issue where Read-Only API Apps could not call the logout function
  • Fixed an issue where custom field values would show up on the internal_notes section


Updated API Docs can be found here:


Tax Inclusive

  • Fixed an issue where an Invoice created from an Order downloaded by eCommerce would cause the prices not to match
  • Fixed an issue where the sell price value would be set to 0 after a product quantity was changed or a product with no inventory was added to the invoice
  • Fixed a display issue where the document preview window shows the tax-exclusive price instead of the tax-inclusive price
  • Fixed an issue where setting the Web Price on a product would upload the Tax-Inclusive price to eCommerce instead of the Tax-Exclusive price
  • Fixed an issue where exporting invoice data for MYOB or Quickbooks would display the incorrect value