Lightspeed Release Notes

Lightspeed Retail Update: Stability Release 26

PO Import Tool

The PO Import Tool has been re-enabled! New enhancements to the feature:

  • Users now receive a notification email when a PO import is complete.
  • For increased performance & stability, only one PO import can be imported at a time per store.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where American Express payments were not be displayed correctly in the Payments Received Report.
  • Fixed a visual bug with Firefox in the sales workflow.
  • A script will be run on Wednesday November 18th to fix duplicate vendor return reasons affecting a small number of customers.


Lightspeed Retail POS app 2.5

New features

  • Inventory search is now available even when your device is not connected to the internet (offline).
  • When creating a new customer from the Sale screen, the customer information screen now includes address fields.
  • Receipt printers can now be set up manually when a network configuration does not allow for automatic detection.
  • French localization of POS mode (based on your iOS Region settings).

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Better handling of sale completion when network connection is unstable.
  • Improved search filtering by category now includes all subcategories as well.
  • Changes made to serial numbers during a sale are now displayed correctly.

Lightspeed Retail Update: Stability Release 25.1

Feature Release

  • Web Exclusive Pricing: Web Store users can now set a web exclusive price for each product by using the “Online” pricing level in a product’s settings. Users can also enable the “Show Strikethrough Pricing” option in the Web Store Admin Panel (Web Store > Admin View > Store Settings) to display both the default product price (with a line drawn through it) and the web exclusive price.
  • Vendor Return Custom Reasons: The new Vendor Return Reasons feature (Settings > Vendor Return Reasons) lets you create custom reasons for your Vendor Returns and re-order custom and default reasons. Please note that the “Admin – Inventory Setup” user permission is required for this feature.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a visual issue for categories in item/product search.



Lightspeed Retail Update: Stability Release 25

Small Improvements and Adjustments

  • You can now add a comparison store to the “Reorder List” report in multi-store environments.
  • Display an error when MX-915 payment terminal is not configured with the correct credentials by the payment provider.

Bug Fixes

  • Serial numbers now sort correctly.
  • Multiple payment terminals may now use the same ip address if located in different stores.
  • Fix for visual issues with Price Schemes.
  • Fix for issue with custom fields not respecting the number of decimals specified.
  • Fix for issue with the Grouped Sales by Customer report export missing the GST column.

Lightspeed Retail Update: Stability Release 24

Small Improvements & Adjustments

  • Button location change. The Vendors, Categories, Tags, and Manufacturers buttons previously located in Settings > Inventory now appear in Inventory > Settings. This change enables Lightspeed to prepare for the implementation of Granular Inventory Permissions set to come in early 2016.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for issue with “Inventory Sales At” quantities for matrices in multi-store environments.
  • Fix for issue with tax classes not being properly applied for Workorders.
  • Fix for issue with re-order point not calculating properly and causing an auto-add of incorrect amount to a Purchase Order.
  • Fix for an issue affecting account balances when merging customer accounts.
  • Fix for an issue where user with Inventory permission couldn’t directly access the editable Item Details page.

Lightspeed Restaurant Manager 4.9

  • User accounts now include a field for entering a unique PIN that users can use instead of a password to log in to the Restaurant POS app. For customers using a LiteServer, this feature will only be available with the next version and you will be notified when it becomes available.
  • You can now set a user as an Admin in the user account settings (Users > select user > User Type). Admin users can log in to Lightspeed Restaurant Manager from a standard web browser.
  • The “#decimals tax rate” printer-template setting, which sets the number of tax decimal values to display, has been removed from the individual printer templates and added to the global Print Settings as “Number of decimals tax rate”.
  • The Day, Week, and Month reports now include “number of customers” data for the given period.
  • Product reports and Category reports now include “Category Type” data in the downloaded PDF or CSV report.
  • The date range maximum for Product, Category, Revenue, Ingredient, and Shift reports have increased from 31 days to 92 days.
  • The Day report now displays revenue, tip, and clock-in data for each user when the “Show waiters summary in day report” option is enabled in Report Settings.

Lightspeed Restaurant POS 3.9

  • Users can now log in to the Restaurant POS app using a unique 4-digit PIN number. For customers using a LiteServer, this feature will only be available with the next version and you will be notified when it becomes available.
  • The split-bill-by-seat functionality is now enabled by default. The “Separate order by seat assignment” and “Split bill by seat” options in Restaurant Manager (Settings > Beta features) no longer appear as the functionality is enabled for all users.
  • When printing multiple courses (e.g. starter, main, dessert) to the kitchen, the courses popup is now larger, and the Print button is more visible and easier to tap.
  • The “Add Tip” button now appears next to the payment method in the Payment screen making adding tips more intuitive and quicker.
  • Receipt layout for Blackbox receipts are now configurable (requires LiteServer version 4.4). Contact Lightspeed Support for more information.
  • Now supports Ontario provincial tax rebates for qualifying prepared food and beverage products under $4. Taxes on a receipt for the exempt products show only the GST tax rate. The new Ontario tax classes are set per product and category in Restaurant Manager.

Lightspeed OnSite 2015 2.3

El Capitan

  • Document windows now support horizontal scrolling – removing the need to click the arrow in the corner – allowing a swipe gesture on a trackpad or mouse
  • Fixed a rare occurrence where Lightspeed OnSite could crash after login
  • Converting an Invoice to an Order is now up to 30% faster
  • Fixed an issue where the data on the screen may not be refreshed

Product Importing

  • NEW Product Importing window with auto matching column names (header row of file is automatically read and matches to corresponding field name in Lightspeed OnSite)
  • Product Importing is now limited to 100,000 products per import
  • Product importing performance has now been improved by up to 205% (importing 1,000 products with no photos now completes in 39 seconds)


  • NEW Regular Sell column has been added to invoices in StoreMaster.  This column will keep the regular selling price of the item before any All applicable discounts, pricing levels, quantity discounts, or customer groups.  All applicable discounts, pricing levels, quantity discounts, or customer groups will now be applied to the “sell” column for easy verification of discounts.
  • NEW Multi-Store Scheduler setting in the Multi-Store Replication settings window of the child store (this allows for a child store to replicate based on a time interval)
  • The GSX Carry-In Repair window has been improved for improved view of new data
  • Quickbooks 2009 – 2015 for Mac has been added for Support Exports
  • Multi-Store Transfer document no longer shows the cost or margin on document when the privilege “See Cost and Margin” is set to Not Allowed (previously this only applied to products)
  • Processing transactions in POS Mode have now been sped up by up to 15%

Bug Fixes

  • Accounts Receivable on date report now excludes payments made after the selected date
  • Fixed an issue with Multi-Store Replication that did not replicate all of the basic Supplier information
  • Fixed an issue where Lightspeed OnSite could crashes performing a SRO status search
  • Cayan payment window no longer crashes if no station name is set
  • Tax Inclusive: Adding a customer to an invoice no longer clears the Tax Code
  • Fixed an issue where the not allowed permission was set for products and a product was opened that it could cause Lightspeed OnSite to crash
  • Fixed an issue where the replication log would be empty after manually running a multi-store replication
  • The company name now prints on a customer label if the company field is not empty instead of the customer name
  • Fixed an issue where updating a class with a quotation could cause Lightspeed OnSite to crash
  • The default cost is now respected if there is more than one cost for a product that has the same supplier multiple times
  • Fixed an issue where the POS tries to use a terminal even if idtech is selected in station setup
  • Outlook 2016 is now supported for emailing PDF’s
  • Fixed an issue on a rare occurrence were intermittent crashing was reported in StoreMaster & POS Mode
  • A Sale Offer with a zero sell price on a product in a tax-inclusive environment no longer causes OnSite to crash
  • POS Mode now displays the company name under a customer in overflow
  • Dialog “Reserve Inventory of Linked Orders” is displayed after receiving items on a PO that are linked to an order
  • “Finish unpaid Invoices” privilege now affects StoreMaster and POS Mode
  • Purchasing multiple gift card products now add separate line items with serial numbers in StoreMaster
  • Coverflow performance has been improved for loading photos in StoreMaster & POS Mode
  • Fixed an issue where where GL Accounts were not being replicated on products for OnSite 2015 2.2.0 or above
  • Updating an existing invoice created from an SRO no longer causes a crash
  • Converting a SRO to an Invoice now changes the order status to Invoices when linked
  • Gift card balance for multi-store card now print on the receipt
  • Fixed an issue where a multi-store return would report the incorrect class if that class was not found in the returned store
  • Fixed an issue where Multi-Store Replication could cause intermittent crashing on slow performing networks
  • Account status, terms, tax status, and currency now replicate on Supplier Card if they do not exist at the child store when the replication was started
  • Cost-Average recalculations for single products button has been added to the product card
  • Using Multiple Gift Cards on Invoices no longer prints extraneous information on receipts
  • Performing a fast swipe with only partial data being read no longer brings up an empty payment window
  • The Cash drawer now opens when taking a cash deposit on an Order/Quote/SRO
  • Fixed an issue where performing a store lookup on a removed store would cause Lightspeed OnSite to crash
  • Setting the privilege “See Cost and Margin” to Not Allowed, now hides all cost information on transfer out, PO documents, Trackers or when clicking the Adjust button in a product card.
  • Fixed an issue where removing a customer from an invoice the customer discount and pricing level were not removed when removing a customer
  • Fixed an issue where merging customers in POS Mode could cause a crash
  • The prompt “Reserve Inventory on Linked Orders where possible?” now displays after saving a PO with a received item that is linked to an Order
  • Fixed an issue where selling a product using a Pricing Level in POS Mode did not use the Pricing Level Cost.

Known Issues

  • Updating Costs for Products matching on both product code and supplier code will cause OnSite to crash.
  • Importing/Updating Products matching on on both product code and supplier code without having both product code and supplier code in the selected columns will not prompt the user like in the previous version that those columns need to be selected. This can cause the import to not complete properly.

Lightspeed Retail Update: Stability Release 23

Return to Vendor

Return to Vendor was released on Monday October 26. Click here to learn more.

Small Improvements & Adjustments

  • A user without inventory rights can now view item images during a sale by clicking the line item on the Sale screen and then clicking the item name.
  • Moved the “Sales Over Time”, “Sales by Category”, and “Workorders” reports to the “Sales and Refunds” section of the Reports screen.
  • The “Set Prices” feature is now named “Bulk Pricing Changes” (Settings > Bulk Pricing Changes).
  • When a Price Rule is in effect during a sale, the register now displays both the current price and previous price (price without price rule).

Bug fixes

  • Archived Payment Types are no longer visible on Closing Counts.
  • Fixed an issue with CSV Export of Categories.
  • Fixed an issue where a customer-specific Sales Tax did not get applied when a customer type was attached to a sale.
  • Fixed an issue where the Total displayed in sales reports potentially contained discrepancies.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented branding updates to appear on the Lightspeed Retail POS iPad app.
  • Improved reliability of payments using the Verifone MX 915 payment terminal.
  • Fixed an issue affecting items with Price Rules in Work Orders.
  • Fixed an issue with Order Subtotals during Invoice downloads in Purchase Orders.
  • Fixed an issue with Labor Charges on Work Orders when using the Lightspeed Retail POS iPad app.
  • Fixed an occasional issue with matrices regarding quantity sold.

Lightspeed Retail POS app 2.4.2

  • Fixes an issue whereby small barcodes were sometimes not scanned correctly.

Web Store 3.3.0

  • A security warning message no longer appears when returning to the receipt page after a PayPal payment.
  • Product sorting options are now maintained on custom pages.
  • Product display options for out-of-stock and non-inventoried products are now maintained.
  • Puerto Rico addresses are no longer valid when restricting the shipping options to the Continental United States.
  • (Brooklyn theme) If the “Disable Cart” option (Admin Panel > Store Settings > Carts) is ON, the cart now does not appear.
  • Brooklyn 2014 theme:
    • A user can now view order comments on the order summary (receipt) page.
    • The Confirmation and Thank You pages now include the purchase subtotal.
    • When adding a wish-list item with a “ship to” address to the cart, the shipping address is now maintained.

Lightspeed OnSite 2015 2.2.7

EMV Certified

  • This version is EMV Certified by Cayan with EMV Support for the Genius Terminal. You might require a firmware update from Cayan for your Genius Terminal.


  • Fixed an issue where a deleted Account Status that is still being used on a Customer Card would throw an API Exception.

  • Fixed an issue where a deleted Account Status that is still being used on a Supplier Card would throw an API Exception.

Lightspeed Restaurant POS 3.7

  • Now supports integrated EMV payment processing with iZettle in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, Mexico, and Brazil.
  • You can now upload an event log file to the server that can be used by our Support team.
  • A tax rate with decimal values is now displayed in it’s entirety throughout the app and on receipts.
  • In the event of an unsuccessful credit card swipe, a message now appears instructing the user to re-swipe the card. As a result, an unsuccessful card swipe no longer results in the app requesting to create a new customer.
  • When a swiped credit card is linked to more than one customer, a customer-selection window now appears from which you can select a customer.
  • Improved localization for US accounts. The app now displays the date as mm-dd-yy and “Tax” instead of “VAT”.
  • Users with a LiteServer can now upload an event log file to the LiteServer that can be accessed by our Support team.

Lightspeed Retail POS app 2.4.1

  • Fixes an issue that prevented users from logging in after upgrading to version 2.4.