Lightspeed Release Notes

Lightspeed Retail 2016.8

Bug Fixes

  • The Taxable Box in Advanced Pricing Section on Matrix now functions as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where, on accounts using PST/GST tax setup, the taxes would change throughout the timespan of a Work Order.
  • Fixed an issue where Brand Settings could not be accessed in Retail Manager.   Also generally improved usability of Brand Settings.
  • Fixed an issue where the the user was unable to attach a newly created item to a Work Order when the item creation was initiated form the Work Order screen.
  • Fixed an issue where negative adjustments caused History Report to be inaccurate.

Lightspeed Retail 2016.7

New Features

  • Added the ability to bulk select items in the Inventory Count search results view
  • New Sale and Re-Open Sale icons on the Sales page have been changed to a (+) symbol rather than a currency symbol
  • “Tax Pricing” has been renamed to “Tax Model”
  • A “Total Tax” column has been added to all Standard Reports where monetary tax values are displayed

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the user could not remove multiple instances of the “Item” tax class
  • Fixed and issue where entering a payment type and then hitting Enter does not automatically finish the sale
  • Fixed and issue where notes added to Items in Register do not get printed on the Account Statements
  • Fixed an issue where SKUs with specific patterns will zero out quantity of last counted item in Inventory Count
  • Fixed and issue in Firefox where the Register Closing screen’s “Total” field cuts off decimal places for values greater than $99.99
  • Fixed and issue to help distinguish archived Price Levels in search results by graying them out.

Lightspeed Retail 2016.6


  • Added a link to the help page is available from the employee permission settings page.
  • Added the ability to filter the inventory change log by vendor returns in order to track down what changes to an item could be tied to a return to vendor.
  • When unarchiving a pricing level, the user now has the option to fill-in any missing price.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where printing a transfer receipt could sometimes return an error
  • Fixed a styling issue with the New Sale button being too thin.
  • Fixed an issue where an employee with custom role could lose their rights when editing their record.
  • Fixed an issue where an employee could not be edited or archived.
  • Fixed API search by timestamp where shop’s timezone was use by default even when UTC was specified.
  • Fixed an API issue where Client secret not saved correctly when registering an OAuth client
  • Fixed an issue with flagging an item or matrix to be listed on WebStore results in the keys in the eCommerce relation not being updated
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate Employee accounts being displayed under Settings > Employee Setup
  • Fixed an issue where decimals are cut off in the Total, Extra and Price fields
  • Fixed an issue where PO Import Tool is not updating Existing Items with leading 0s in the UPC codes
  • Fixed an issue when a conflict occurs trying to change an Employee’s PIN

Lightspeed Restaurant POS 3.17 & Restaurant Manager 4.17

Lightspeed Restaurant POS app 3.17

New features:

  • Table inactivity indicator: a new timer feature that allows staff to better track table touch points. Tables left alone for too long will now display a small timer
  • Set pickup time for orders placed for takeout service, directly in the order view
  • Add additional notes to be added to customer cards, such as allergies. These notes can be viewed from the Manager.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that could cause “black ticket” due to a memory leak in the STAR printer module
  • Print when finalize now works when the bill is split in equal parts
  • Fix for not being able to split a bill if one part has been finalized
  • Fix of the VAT alignment on Blackbox tickets (Belgium)
  • Some translation fixes

Lightspeed Restaurant Manager 4.17

Reporting improvements:

  • Cash due details in user reports so servers can easily identify the cash to include in their end-of-shift deposit.
  • In labor reports, Managers can now add new shifts for their employees from anywhere, saving time when doing payroll.

New features:

  • New discount options for timed events to easily increase/decrease by percentage or monetary value
  • Assign an iOS device  to a specific floor in a multi-floor establishment to streamline workflows.

Bug fixes:

  • It’s now possible to have a modifier group with only 1 option
  • Synchronisation issue of user groups with Liteserver has been fixed
  • The invoice date is now the creation date of the invoice and not the date of the first receipt

Lightspeed Retail 2016.5.1 Maintenance Release

We have resolved a bug that affected a small amount of customers and are now re-enabling the Inventory History Report. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Lightspeed Retail 2016.5


  • You can now archive a price level that’s not used.
  • You can now reset a price level to another price level’s prices.
  • You can now see pending returns in product view.
  • You can now see your store’s account ID for fast identification on a support call.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that affected quantity on hand and reorder points.
  • Fixed an issue where users could not disallow promotions for a price rule.
  • Fixed an issue with vendor returns for items that have different costs for the item.
  • Fixed an issue where breaking a box of items did not add labels to the label queue for the single items.
  • Fixed a performance issue where some accounts had trouble attaching processed credit card payments to a sale.


Lightspeed Retail 2016.4.1

Hot fix

As a precautionary measure we are disabling the Inventory History report because a small number of customers have reported occasional inconsistencies. We are investigating and will provide an update when it is available. Thank you for your understanding.

Lightspeed Retail 2016.4

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where negative manual adjustments to inventory counts and transfers affected the received history for some items.
  • Fixed a display issue for PO imports.
  • Fixed an issue with PO imports for vendor catalogs.
  • Fixed an issue where employees with a custom role were displayed more than once in employee listings.
  • Fixed a character display issue for emailed POs.
  • Retail POS app users who use versions earlier than 2.3 are now informed that they need to update to the most recent version.




Lightspeed Restaurant POS 3.13.1

New features

  • Throughout the POS app the phrase Split x is replaced by Split item.
  • When you split an item, you can now select which seats you want to split it across.
  • When you print receipts, you can now print only a customer receipt. Available only if you’re using SRM/MEV.
  • Seat numbers are displayed in the courses popup.


Lightspeed Retail 2016.3


  • Simplified workflow for creating multiple prices for new items and products.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the time and date of sales was affected by adding or removing customers.
  • Fixed an issue where apostrophes in product descriptions were not correctly displayed on the iPad app.
  • Fixed an issue where an additional currency symbol was displayed in the payment capture form when a gift card or credit card entry was cancelled.
  • Fixed a display issue for currency denominations of 4 digits in the register’s Open/Close and Add/Payout.


Lightspeed Retail 2016.2

New features

  • PO Imports is now available to all customers outside of North America
  • You can now see whether an item’s quantity has been changed after an inventory count has been triggered for the item.
  • You can now view the incoming and outgoing transfer quantities for Multi-Stores from the Item View.
  • You can now remove a PO from a vendor return line item.
  • We’ve upgraded the Hawley Vendor Integration in preparation for their new ordering system.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with importing MSRP prices from QBP.
  • Fixed an issue where PO imports would sometimes skip the first line in a CSV file.
  • Fixed an issue where catalog results would sometimes result in an error.
  • Fixed an issue where some users could not access the Reorder List report.


Lightspeed Restaurant POS 3.13 & Restaurant Manager 4.13

Lightspeed Restaurant POS 3.13

Split bills

  • You can now revert splitting a bill by seat. Requires POS app version 3.13.
  • You can print all split bills.
  • You can combine multiple split bills.
  • In Payment view each split bill now has a number.

New features

  • Product stock is now updated in real time in the POS.
  • When you void a receipt or delete a product you can choose a reason and whether the product should be added back to the stock.
  • In Order view and Payment view there are new permissions to limit actions such as voiding and deleting to admins and managers, and require PIN login.
  • You can now use a four-digit PIN to log in faster.
  • In Order view you can now tap the time to toggle display when an order was sent to the bar or kitchen.
  • A Notification bar is added to the User Overview screen to link to release notes.
  • When you do a credit card swipe in Order view, the POS now automatically enters the Payment view and prompts for an amount.
  • The course popup now starts with Course 1.
  • Voiding iZettle payments is now supported.

Bug fix

  • Resolved an issue where invisible products were searchable.

Lightspeed Restaurant Manager 4.13

New features

Note: Some features require your LiteServer to be updated. We’re in the process of updating and target this to be completed by mid-February. If you want to have your LiteServer updated sooner, contact Support.

  • Stock management is now compatible with the LiteServer. Requires LiteServer 4.13.

Interface improvements

  • The layout of the company settings is improved. Settings are now categorized into a logical flow.
  • If a product is linked to a customer, an icon is now displayed beside the customer.
  • In Product List view you can now easily add or subtract stock.
  • Hovering over a receipt now displays more details.
  • A Notification bar is added to the User Overview screen to link to release notes.
  • The Correction Details section of the Day Report now has Receipt ID and User columns.
  • The category CSV report now includes category type.
  • You can now disable printing free modifiers and products on receipts.
  • There is a new payment type for printing all of the receipts for a table with split receipts. Requires at least one device on Restaurant POS 3.13.


  • You can now print receipts for British Columbia with BC-specific taxes printed on the receipt. The tax profile for British Columbia is now available for food, liquor and retail.
  • Tax classes are now shown on receipt details in Restaurant Manager.

Bug fixes

  • Resolved an issue where stock was not updating correctly when using LiteServer. This is resolved for users with LiteServer 4.13.
  • PIN login is now fully available for customers with LiteServer 4.13.


Web Store 3.3.2

Bug fix

  • Fixed an issue where checkout was not displayed correctly for customers using the Safari browser on iOS 9.


Lightspeed Retail 2016.1

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the customizable receipt template was not working as intended
  • Fixed an issue where the import tool displays an error message if no file is selected
  • Fixed an issue so that the Item Matrix view now shows accurate Sale values

Lightspeed Retail POS app 2.5.2

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a bad network connection resulted in duplicate Cayan payments
  • Fixed an issue where users couldn’t start a new sale from the Main button on the Receipt screen


Lightspeed OnSite 2015 2.3.3

El Capitan

  • Fixed multiple issues where POS mode was randomly crashing.
  • Fixed an issue where POS mode was crashing while scanning after invoicing with a decline.
  • Fixed in issue in POS mode where pressing Go Back was causing random crashes.
  • Fixed an issue where a crash could occur when quickly scanning items after invoicing.
  • Fixed an issue where exiting the POS could randomly cause it to crash.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where exiting POS mode did not save the current invoice.

Lightspeed OnSite 2015 2.3.2

El Capitan

  • Fixed an issue where the eCommerce window would sometimes not display correctly.

Product importing

  • Fixed an issue where updating the inventory quantity now correctly updates when updating products with a field inventory quantity.
  • Fixed an issue where when updating products with more than 500 line imports the 500th item was ignored.
  • Fixed an issue where the web price column would not be updated if it wasn’t auto-matched.
  • Fixed an issue where adding a new cost with Update Costs sets both costs as default.
  • Fixed an issue where the last item column of a spreadsheet was not imported.

Bug fixes

  • API: writing to the “sell_web” field is now available
  • Fixed an issue where adding a 100% line item discount caused the Sell Regular to display a negative number.
  • Fixed an issue where removing a customer from an invoice removed manually discounted line items discounts instead of removing line items that were discounted by adding the customer to the invoice.
  • Total Profit/Margin are now displayed on the invoice window again with the new scrolling feature.  The invoice window can be resized or scrolled horizontally to see additional columns.
  • Fixed an issue where reordering line items would not retain the price of the item.
  • Tax Inclusive: Changing the sell price no longer deducts the tax price from the item.

Known Issues from 2.3.0

  • Some clients are experiencing an issue on El Capitan where OnSite crashes in POS Mode.  We are actively working on the issue.
  • It can be difficult to backorder a serialized item as the cursor returns to “Serial Number needed”.  The current workaround is to click quickly in the QTY BO field.
  • When importing Custom Fields the name “Custom Field 1” is displayed instead of the value of the Custom Field Name.
  • Pressing Cancel on a Cayan Genius terminal during a transaction prints a canceled receipt and if the amount ends in 0, the 0 is not printed.  For example, a canceled sale receipt prints a 10.70 invoice as 10.7 instead.  Exact dollar amounts are printing correctly.
  • When converting an order to an invoice from a second sales person, the product line is marked with a stock warning.
  • New serial numbers on serialized items added to invoices with a negative quantity are not added to inventory.

Lightspeed Retail Update: Stability Release 26.2

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Vendor Return exports.
  • Fixed an issue where the Quantity on Hand was sometimes not correctly calculated in search listings.
  • Fixed an issue where reorder points were sometimes not correctly calculated when stock was below the desired inventory level.
  • Fixed an issue with duplicated item entries caused by item merging.
  • Fixed an issue with completed sales showing as In Progress instead of Completed in the Recent Transactions section.

Lightspeed Retail POS app 2.5.1

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Re-opening a sale in progress displays all credit card payments already accepted.
  • The Retail Manager crash affecting the French translation in Canada is fixed.
  • An issue where some tags were not downloaded for offline use is fixed.
  • Improved speed with faster sale completion.

Lightspeed Retail Update: Stability Release 26

PO Import Tool

The PO Import Tool has been re-enabled! New enhancements to the feature:

  • Users now receive a notification email when a PO import is complete.
  • For increased performance & stability, only one PO import can be imported at a time per store.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where American Express payments were not be displayed correctly in the Payments Received Report.
  • Fixed a visual bug with Firefox in the sales workflow.
  • A script will be run on Wednesday November 18th to fix duplicate vendor return reasons affecting a small number of customers.


Lightspeed Retail POS app 2.5

New features

  • Inventory search is now available even when your device is not connected to the internet (offline).
  • When creating a new customer from the Sale screen, the customer information screen now includes address fields.
  • Receipt printers can now be set up manually when a network configuration does not allow for automatic detection.
  • French localization of POS mode (based on your iOS Region settings).

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Better handling of sale completion when network connection is unstable.
  • Improved search filtering by category now includes all subcategories as well.
  • Changes made to serial numbers during a sale are now displayed correctly.

Lightspeed Retail Update: Stability Release 25.1

Feature Release

  • Web Exclusive Pricing: Web Store users can now set a web exclusive price for each product by using the “Online” pricing level in a product’s settings. Users can also enable the “Show Strikethrough Pricing” option in the Web Store Admin Panel (Web Store > Admin View > Store Settings) to display both the default product price (with a line drawn through it) and the web exclusive price.
  • Vendor Return Custom Reasons: The new Vendor Return Reasons feature (Settings > Vendor Return Reasons) lets you create custom reasons for your Vendor Returns and re-order custom and default reasons. Please note that the “Admin – Inventory Setup” user permission is required for this feature.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a visual issue for categories in item/product search.



Lightspeed Retail Update: Stability Release 25

Small Improvements and Adjustments

  • You can now add a comparison store to the “Reorder List” report in multi-store environments.
  • Display an error when MX-915 payment terminal is not configured with the correct credentials by the payment provider.

Bug Fixes

  • Serial numbers now sort correctly.
  • Multiple payment terminals may now use the same ip address if located in different stores.
  • Fix for visual issues with Price Schemes.
  • Fix for issue with custom fields not respecting the number of decimals specified.
  • Fix for issue with the Grouped Sales by Customer report export missing the GST column.

Lightspeed Retail Update: Stability Release 24

Small Improvements & Adjustments

  • Button location change. The Vendors, Categories, Tags, and Manufacturers buttons previously located in Settings > Inventory now appear in Inventory > Settings. This change enables Lightspeed to prepare for the implementation of Granular Inventory Permissions set to come in early 2016.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for issue with “Inventory Sales At” quantities for matrices in multi-store environments.
  • Fix for issue with tax classes not being properly applied for Workorders.
  • Fix for issue with re-order point not calculating properly and causing an auto-add of incorrect amount to a Purchase Order.
  • Fix for an issue affecting account balances when merging customer accounts.
  • Fix for an issue where user with Inventory permission couldn’t directly access the editable Item Details page.

Lightspeed Restaurant Manager 4.9

  • User accounts now include a field for entering a unique PIN that users can use instead of a password to log in to the Restaurant POS app. For customers using a LiteServer, this feature will only be available with the next version and you will be notified when it becomes available.
  • You can now set a user as an Admin in the user account settings (Users > select user > User Type). Admin users can log in to Lightspeed Restaurant Manager from a standard web browser.
  • The “#decimals tax rate” printer-template setting, which sets the number of tax decimal values to display, has been removed from the individual printer templates and added to the global Print Settings as “Number of decimals tax rate”.
  • The Day, Week, and Month reports now include “number of customers” data for the given period.
  • Product reports and Category reports now include “Category Type” data in the downloaded PDF or CSV report.
  • The date range maximum for Product, Category, Revenue, Ingredient, and Shift reports have increased from 31 days to 92 days.
  • The Day report now displays revenue, tip, and clock-in data for each user when the “Show waiters summary in day report” option is enabled in Report Settings.

Lightspeed Restaurant POS 3.9

  • Users can now log in to the Restaurant POS app using a unique 4-digit PIN number. For customers using a LiteServer, this feature will only be available with the next version and you will be notified when it becomes available.
  • The split-bill-by-seat functionality is now enabled by default. The “Separate order by seat assignment” and “Split bill by seat” options in Restaurant Manager (Settings > Beta features) no longer appear as the functionality is enabled for all users.
  • When printing multiple courses (e.g. starter, main, dessert) to the kitchen, the courses popup is now larger, and the Print button is more visible and easier to tap.
  • The “Add Tip” button now appears next to the payment method in the Payment screen making adding tips more intuitive and quicker.
  • Receipt layout for Blackbox receipts are now configurable (requires LiteServer version 4.4). Contact Lightspeed Support for more information.
  • Now supports Ontario provincial tax rebates for qualifying prepared food and beverage products under $4. Taxes on a receipt for the exempt products show only the GST tax rate. The new Ontario tax classes are set per product and category in Restaurant Manager.

Lightspeed OnSite 2015 2.3

El Capitan

  • Document windows now support horizontal scrolling – removing the need to click the arrow in the corner – allowing a swipe gesture on a trackpad or mouse
  • Fixed a rare occurrence where Lightspeed OnSite could crash after login
  • Converting an Invoice to an Order is now up to 30% faster
  • Fixed an issue where the data on the screen may not be refreshed

Product Importing

  • NEW Product Importing window with auto matching column names (header row of file is automatically read and matches to corresponding field name in Lightspeed OnSite)
  • Product Importing is now limited to 100,000 products per import
  • Product importing performance has now been improved by up to 205% (importing 1,000 products with no photos now completes in 39 seconds)


  • NEW Regular Sell column has been added to invoices in StoreMaster.  This column will keep the regular selling price of the item before any All applicable discounts, pricing levels, quantity discounts, or customer groups.  All applicable discounts, pricing levels, quantity discounts, or customer groups will now be applied to the “sell” column for easy verification of discounts.
  • NEW Multi-Store Scheduler setting in the Multi-Store Replication settings window of the child store (this allows for a child store to replicate based on a time interval)
  • The GSX Carry-In Repair window has been improved for improved view of new data
  • Quickbooks 2009 – 2015 for Mac has been added for Support Exports
  • Multi-Store Transfer document no longer shows the cost or margin on document when the privilege “See Cost and Margin” is set to Not Allowed (previously this only applied to products)
  • Processing transactions in POS Mode have now been sped up by up to 15%

Bug Fixes

  • Accounts Receivable on date report now excludes payments made after the selected date
  • Fixed an issue with Multi-Store Replication that did not replicate all of the basic Supplier information
  • Fixed an issue where Lightspeed OnSite could crashes performing a SRO status search
  • Cayan payment window no longer crashes if no station name is set
  • Tax Inclusive: Adding a customer to an invoice no longer clears the Tax Code
  • Fixed an issue where the not allowed permission was set for products and a product was opened that it could cause Lightspeed OnSite to crash
  • Fixed an issue where the replication log would be empty after manually running a multi-store replication
  • The company name now prints on a customer label if the company field is not empty instead of the customer name
  • Fixed an issue where updating a class with a quotation could cause Lightspeed OnSite to crash
  • The default cost is now respected if there is more than one cost for a product that has the same supplier multiple times
  • Fixed an issue where the POS tries to use a terminal even if idtech is selected in station setup
  • Outlook 2016 is now supported for emailing PDF’s
  • Fixed an issue on a rare occurrence were intermittent crashing was reported in StoreMaster & POS Mode
  • A Sale Offer with a zero sell price on a product in a tax-inclusive environment no longer causes OnSite to crash
  • POS Mode now displays the company name under a customer in overflow
  • Dialog “Reserve Inventory of Linked Orders” is displayed after receiving items on a PO that are linked to an order
  • “Finish unpaid Invoices” privilege now affects StoreMaster and POS Mode
  • Purchasing multiple gift card products now add separate line items with serial numbers in StoreMaster
  • Coverflow performance has been improved for loading photos in StoreMaster & POS Mode
  • Fixed an issue where where GL Accounts were not being replicated on products for OnSite 2015 2.2.0 or above
  • Updating an existing invoice created from an SRO no longer causes a crash
  • Converting a SRO to an Invoice now changes the order status to Invoices when linked
  • Gift card balance for multi-store card now print on the receipt
  • Fixed an issue where a multi-store return would report the incorrect class if that class was not found in the returned store
  • Fixed an issue where Multi-Store Replication could cause intermittent crashing on slow performing networks
  • Account status, terms, tax status, and currency now replicate on Supplier Card if they do not exist at the child store when the replication was started
  • Cost-Average recalculations for single products button has been added to the product card
  • Using Multiple Gift Cards on Invoices no longer prints extraneous information on receipts
  • Performing a fast swipe with only partial data being read no longer brings up an empty payment window
  • The Cash drawer now opens when taking a cash deposit on an Order/Quote/SRO
  • Fixed an issue where performing a store lookup on a removed store would cause Lightspeed OnSite to crash
  • Setting the privilege “See Cost and Margin” to Not Allowed, now hides all cost information on transfer out, PO documents, Trackers or when clicking the Adjust button in a product card.
  • Fixed an issue where removing a customer from an invoice the customer discount and pricing level were not removed when removing a customer
  • Fixed an issue where merging customers in POS Mode could cause a crash
  • The prompt “Reserve Inventory on Linked Orders where possible?” now displays after saving a PO with a received item that is linked to an Order
  • Fixed an issue where selling a product using a Pricing Level in POS Mode did not use the Pricing Level Cost.

Known Issues

  • Updating Costs for Products matching on both product code and supplier code will cause OnSite to crash.
  • Importing/Updating Products matching on on both product code and supplier code without having both product code and supplier code in the selected columns will not prompt the user like in the previous version that those columns need to be selected. This can cause the import to not complete properly.

Lightspeed Retail Update: Stability Release 23

Return to Vendor

Return to Vendor was released on Monday October 26. Click here to learn more.

Small Improvements & Adjustments

  • A user without inventory rights can now view item images during a sale by clicking the line item on the Sale screen and then clicking the item name.
  • Moved the “Sales Over Time”, “Sales by Category”, and “Workorders” reports to the “Sales and Refunds” section of the Reports screen.
  • The “Set Prices” feature is now named “Bulk Pricing Changes” (Settings > Bulk Pricing Changes).
  • When a Price Rule is in effect during a sale, the register now displays both the current price and previous price (price without price rule).

Bug fixes

  • Archived Payment Types are no longer visible on Closing Counts.
  • Fixed an issue with CSV Export of Categories.
  • Fixed an issue where a customer-specific Sales Tax did not get applied when a customer type was attached to a sale.
  • Fixed an issue where the Total displayed in sales reports potentially contained discrepancies.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented branding updates to appear on the Lightspeed Retail POS iPad app.
  • Improved reliability of payments using the Verifone MX 915 payment terminal.
  • Fixed an issue affecting items with Price Rules in Work Orders.
  • Fixed an issue with Order Subtotals during Invoice downloads in Purchase Orders.
  • Fixed an issue with Labor Charges on Work Orders when using the Lightspeed Retail POS iPad app.
  • Fixed an occasional issue with matrices regarding quantity sold.

Lightspeed Retail POS app 2.4.2

  • Fixes an issue whereby small barcodes were sometimes not scanned correctly.

Web Store 3.3.0

  • A security warning message no longer appears when returning to the receipt page after a PayPal payment.
  • Product sorting options are now maintained on custom pages.
  • Product display options for out-of-stock and non-inventoried products are now maintained.
  • Puerto Rico addresses are no longer valid when restricting the shipping options to the Continental United States.
  • (Brooklyn theme) If the “Disable Cart” option (Admin Panel > Store Settings > Carts) is ON, the cart now does not appear.
  • Brooklyn 2014 theme:
    • A user can now view order comments on the order summary (receipt) page.
    • The Confirmation and Thank You pages now include the purchase subtotal.
    • When adding a wish-list item with a “ship to” address to the cart, the shipping address is now maintained.

Lightspeed OnSite 2015 2.2.7

EMV Certified

  • This version is EMV Certified by Cayan with EMV Support for the Genius Terminal. You might require a firmware update from Cayan for your Genius Terminal.


  • Fixed an issue where a deleted Account Status that is still being used on a Customer Card would throw an API Exception.

  • Fixed an issue where a deleted Account Status that is still being used on a Supplier Card would throw an API Exception.

Lightspeed Restaurant POS 3.7

  • Now supports integrated EMV payment processing with iZettle in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, Mexico, and Brazil.
  • You can now upload an event log file to the server that can be used by our Support team.
  • A tax rate with decimal values is now displayed in it’s entirety throughout the app and on receipts.
  • In the event of an unsuccessful credit card swipe, a message now appears instructing the user to re-swipe the card. As a result, an unsuccessful card swipe no longer results in the app requesting to create a new customer.
  • When a swiped credit card is linked to more than one customer, a customer-selection window now appears from which you can select a customer.
  • Improved localization for US accounts. The app now displays the date as mm-dd-yy and “Tax” instead of “VAT”.
  • Users with a LiteServer can now upload an event log file to the LiteServer that can be accessed by our Support team.

Lightspeed Retail POS app 2.4.1

  • Fixes an issue that prevented users from logging in after upgrading to version 2.4.

Lightspeed Retail POS app 2.4

New Features

  • Now EMV-ready! Supports the EMV-enabled Verifone MX 915 payment terminal with Cayan
  • Filtered search with increased speed
  • Faster barcode scanning

Bug Fixes

  • Resolves an issue with duplicate scans using the Lightspeed Bluetooth Scanner
  • Fixes a stability issue
  • The keyboard now automatically hides when browsing search results

Lightspeed Retail Update: Armstrong EMV

  • Support for the EMV-ready Verifone MX 915 payment terminal with Cayan.

Lightspeed Restaurant Manager 4.7

  • New “Tip refund %” setting (Settings > Report Settings) ensures that the credit card transaction fee is automatically subtracted from your staff’s tips.
  • Export all your customers to CSV (Users > Customers > Export Customers). This CSV can be reused to send targeted mailings.
  • Belgian blackbox users can now create multiple fiscal printer templates (Printer > Printer templates > Add Template > Fiscal), to allow the app to print the fiscal ticket to the printer of your choice.
  • New role “Allow force clock-out in Manager” enables a user to clock out other users in the Labor report (Reports > Labour Reports > Force clock-out all users).
  • When deleting objects in the Manager that can have an impact on Reporting (such as deleting Products or Tables with open receipts), a warning is displayed that this can have an impact on Reporting.
  • When accessing the Manager through the “Manage my Restaurant” button in the User selection screen on the iPad app, it is now easier to scroll through reports.
  • Improved French translations in the Manager (Settings > General > Language > French).
  • Dutch customers now have a “KVK” field in Settings. The KVK number is also displayed on customer tab invoices.
  • VAT info (grouped per VAT-percentage) per receipt is now displayed in the Receipt report (Reports > Receipt > Open a receipt).
  • SRM/MEV: Free modifiers are not displayed on the MEV final ticket.
  • For customers with a lite server, the status of the Liteserver is shown in the top right corner of the Manager status bar.
  • When you specify a reason for deleting an item from a receipt (to use this, you enable the App-setting “Manager Settings > Specify reason when delete product”), the reason for the deletion is now displayed in the day report.

Lightspeed Retail POS app 2.3.2

Framework changes to get ready for iOS 9!


Lightspeed OnSite 2.2.4

Apple GSX

  • New GSX Setup Window for allowing the use of certificates and private keys to comply with the new regulations
  • New Product Lookup window for the new AppleCare Connect API’s
  • New Warranty Lookup window for the new AppleCare Connect API’s
  • New Carry­In Repair window for the new AppleCare Connect API’s
  • Fixed an issue for customers in Australia where a serial number that was greater than a year old would cause a warranty status lookup error
  • Fixed an issue where lowercase serial numbers would return an error on warranty status lookup
  • Fixed an issue with the Carry­In Repair window and CompTIA parts would display an error if no CompTIA parts were allowed for that product
  • New Test Connection button in the GSX settings window to properly test the new certificate connection method
  • Fixed an issue where a Carry­In Repair would not save the results to the notes field of the Purchase Order
  • Added a datepicker to the Carry­In Repair window
  • Performing a return on a multi­store invoice now allows you to return the invoice more than once (before only 1 return on an invoice was allowed no matter how many items were returned).
  • Fixed an issue with Multi­Store Replication that did not replicate all of the basic Supplier information
Bug Fixes
  • Accounts Receivable on date report now excludes payments made after the selected date
  • Downloading a Web Order with quantity discounts now displays the correct selling price
  • An invoice with a non­inventoried item with a cost now properly displays the cogs/margin column in StoreMaster
  • Fixed an issue where an upgrade to OnSite 2015 2.2 would fail if you had multiple payment methods with the same name
  • Fixed an issue where Webstore would fail to upload due to a Family attribute error
  • Fixed an issue when the “default mail application” was set to Outlook and document windows with attachments would open Apple Mail instead.

Lightspeed Retail POS app 2.3.1

  • Fixes an issue with the line item price for gift card purchases and recharges.

Lightspeed Restaurant Manager 4.5

  • (USA only) Payment Processing:
    • If your payment processor is set to “Preauth capture”, you can now choose to automatically batch-close your open credit card payments at a specified time every day. To do so, select “Autoclose + Autocapture” in your Lightspeed Restaurant payment processor settings (Payments > Set Up Payment > select payment processor > Autoclose or Autocapture batch).
    • The Payment Processing screen (Payments > Payment Processing) now includes a drop-down selection that lets you choose whether to view either the current open batch or a previously closed batch by selecting a date.
  • The consolidated product list in the Product Report screen (Reports > Product Reports) now includes a column that displays the establishment name.
  • A new email notification feature (Settings > Notification Settings) lets you specify the email addresses to which the day report is automatically sent.
  • You can now duplicate an existing “Discount” or “Service Charge” product.
  • You can now generate, print, and email an invoice for all unpaid receipts that are currently on a customer’s tab directly from Restaurant Manager (Users > Customers > select customer > Customer Invoices). Not available in USA.
  • The “Promotion” and “Thank You” fields in the Printer Template settings (Printers > Printer Template > select template) are now limited to 1000 and 500 characters respectively.

Lightspeed Restaurant POS 3.5

  • When adding a Discount of type “Reduction Current” or “Reduction Product” to an order, you can now modify the discount’s value using the Price button on the Shortcut Panel.
  • The new “Split bill by seat” iOS option (Settings > Restaurant > Beta Settings) lets you split a bill by seat number.
  • The new “Separate order by seat assignment” iOS option (Settings > Restaurant > Beta Settings) separates the ordered items on the Order screen by seat number.
  • (USA only) The credit card swiper screen now closes automatically after a  successful payment.
  • The new “Sorting order tabs in overview panel” iOS option (Settings > Restaurant > Layout Settings > Floor Settings) lets you choose whether to sort the tabs in the overview panel by the customer’s first or last name.
  • When using a split bill, if you move all items from a child receipt that contains a Discount of type “Ticket”, you’re now asked whether to delete the empty receipt.
  • Reduced the number of required information to enter when performing a manual credit card payment using Cayan.

Lightspeed OnSite 2015 2.2


  • All-New “Multi-Store Replication” settings for each store location
  • Fixed an issue where enable/disable stores through multi-store setup as not respected
  • Fixed in issue where the multi-store token would not refresh if an account expired
  • Fixed an issue where Multi-Store returns would not always reflect Sales Event pricing
  • Fixed an issue where child products generated from a master matrix product at a child location that was replicated from a master store would not retain cost and supplier information
  • Fixed an issue where receiving a transfer in while having the product card open in the sending location could cause Lightspeed to crash
  • Multi-Store returns now reflect the cost of goods sold from the originating location


  • Ability to check a gift card balance in POS Mode
  • Right-clicking on a product(s) in StoreMaster allows for “Print Label” option
  • POS Mode Button Mode now display 100 products at a time
  • Ability to perform fast scanning in POS Mode
  • Option in POS Mode for products to be searched on exact Product-ID
  • Ability to swipe a card at any time in the payment screen in POS Mode (swipe mode only)
  • Station Setup option to automatically send the current sale to the Genius Terminal for payment
  • ApplePay is now officially supported through the Cayan Genius Terminal

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a merged customer would display in POS mode when searching
  • Fixed an issue where adding a quantity to an existing line item in StoreMaster would not update the Owing amount
  • Fixed an issue where can Exit POS’ privilege set to ‘Not Allowed’ will cause LS to crash
  • Fixed an issue where count inventory breaks available inventory if there is inventory in warehouses and count warehouse is unchecked.
  • Sending decimal QTYs in a Multi-store transfer could result in inventory stuck in transit
  • Attempting to update products via import tools could cause Lightspeed to crash
  • Fixed an issue with combine scanned quantities could cause Lightspeed to crash during fast scanning
  • Fixed an issue where using set product info/set selling prices would stop responding if the quantity filter equaled 0
  • Fixed an issue in POS Mode where current and non-current products would be displayed when search only current products was selected
  • Removing a discount on an editable sell item now recalculates the sell price
  • Fixed an MYOB export output error that used incorrect currency code data for suppliers
  • Fixed an issue where saving an SRO created from an Order could cause LightSpeed to crash
  • Fixed an issue where an error would display that an item must have exactly 1 default cost when invoicing an item through POS Mode
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘default’ Family setting would not be respected
  • Fixed in issue in Count Inventory where Adjust Inventory did not combine multiple counts for the same product
  • In POS, Customer Discount always overrides Sale Event Discount when Customer is added before Products
  • Editing a document after taking a payment generates no longer generates a lockholder error
  • Using a store credit in POS Mode with the auto-complete option enabled could cause Lightspeed to crash
  • Inventory Counts with serialized products are now adjusted correctly
  • Fixed an issue with large databases where a StoreMaster export may timeout
  • Fixed an issue with the Cayan Genius Terminal setup that would prevent load payment methods from launching
  • Fixed an issue where a “debit type” payment with an external terminal could cause Lightspeed to crash
  • Fixed an issue where the number field on a check or manual payment wouldn’t save
  • API: Customer email address is now returned on invoices

Lightspeed Retail Update: Armstrong 1


Beautiful new full page Purchase Order print template!


Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue that triggered a warning when changing quantity on a layaway item in a sale to anything above half the available inventory level.

Fixed an issue where the API was not applying a tax class to line items.

Fixed an issue where duplicating an item or matrix returned the user to the wrong screen.

Fixed an issue that caused some accounts to get stuck when loading quick edit items.




Lightspeed Retail POS app 2.2

  • You can now print a gift receipt from the Sales History screen.
  • A confirmation message now appears when exiting a Lightspeed Retail Manager screen with unsaved changes.
  • The “Refund” user permission is now required in order to process a refund.
  • General bug fixes and user interface improvements.

Lightspeed Restaurant Manager 4.4

  • Reports now display taxes as either “VAT”, “TVA”, or “Tax” depending on the Locale setting.
  • (US only) The Payment Processing list (Payments > Payment Processing) now displays a warning if the same credit card is used for more than one payment on a receipt. This allows you to quickly view and edit the payment before capturing and closing the batch.
  • Timed Events:
    • The Timed Event settings window (Products > Timed Events > select Timed Event) now shows the linked Categories and Products.
    • To ensure the proper layout of products, you can now assign a Timed Event of type “Visibility” to “Line” and “Spacer” products.
  • A new Shift Report (Reports > Shift Reports) lets you generate an up-to-the-minute shift report that includes data for all users.
  • For printer templates of type “Bar” and “Kitchen”, you can now view the linked categories and link/unlink categories directly from the printer template screen (Printers > Printer Template > select a template).
  • The Admin user can now force clock out other users from the Labour Reports screen (Reports > Labour Reports).
  • When duplicating or moving an existing product, you’re now asked whether to use the product tax or category tax for the product’s tax rate.
  • When assigning a printer to a printer template, the font family and size is now automatically adjusted based on the printer model.
  • The Receipts Report list (Reports > Receipts) now includes a sortable “Customer” column.
  • The global Stock Setting options (Settings > Stock Settings) now feature a “Reset stock management” button that lets you reset all product stock levels to zero, and enable the stock management feature.

Web Store 3.2.9

  • Added support for Google’s Universal Analytics (Admin Panel > Integrations > Google Settings).
  • Single attribute matrix products now display just one drop-down selection.
  • If a custom page is set as your Web Store’s home page, you can now use the “Product Display” option (Admin Panel > Custom Pages > select custom page > Product Display) to set whether to display products on custom pages in a grid or slider format.
  • (OnSite only) Fixed an issue with the Quote-to-Cart functionality in Brooklyn 2014.
  • (Retail only) The size restriction (512px x 512px) on zoomed product images (hovering over a product image) has been removed. The zoom function now uses the original size of the uploaded image.
  • (Retail only) Fixed an issue that prevented products from a Category that contained a slash in their category name from appearing on a Web Store.
    Note:  If you have products that are already selected for display on your Web Store that are in Categories with a slash in their name, you must re-save each product in Lightspeed Retail for the fix to take effect.

Developer Note (Lightspeed OnSite only)

If your Web Store uses a customized theme and you wish to use Web Store’s new Google Universal Analytics, you may be required to modify the theme as detailed in’s-Universal-Analytics-with-Web-Store.

Lightspeed Retail Update: Zodiac 2

Coming soon

New In-App Help. Access help documentation, release notes, keyboard shortcuts, from the Help menu in app. Look for In-App chat with Support coming soon!

New features

  • Purchase orders will now show when extra quantity is received for each item
  • Improved layout of money and number columns in listings

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Alert banner would not show up when archiving a price scheme.
  • Fixed an issue where the Timeclock would auto clock in the employee if they clicked too quickly.
  • Fixed an issue where the status of a special order was not being updated in the interface.
  • Fixed an issue where if you have multiple quotes, then complete all the quotes in a row, the oldest quote did not change its status to Completed.
  • Fixed an issue where Layaway, Special Order, Work Order Reports displayed an “Unable to contact server” error when trying to filter by category.
  • Fixed an issue where changing the label print size did not apply that size immediately.
  • Fixed an issue when trying to apply a price rule to more than 2000 items.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking edit on a Miscellaneous charge in a work order sometimes changed the quantity to 1.
  • Fixed an issue when sending Purchase Orders to Specialized.
  • Fixed an issue where emailing a receipt sometimes prevented access to the event log.
  • Fixed an issue where Select Item sometimes appeared in the Product Listing when the action was not relevant.
  • Fixed an issue when printing long receipts for Special Orders.
  • Fixed an issue where moving an item to a Layaway or Special Order sometimes re-enabled a disabled Sales Tax.
  • Fixed an issue where refunding a Work Order, then voiding the refund, sometimes caused an error.
  • Fixed an issue where archiving an item did not redirect back to the item listing page.
  • Fixed an issue calculating PST/GST on End of Day report.
  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect sales tax to be applied when switching between shops with different sales taxes.
  • Fixed an issue where merging items did not function correctly.



Lightspeed OnSite 2015 2.1.2

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where printing an Invoice in which a Multi-Store Gift Card was redeemed or activated caused Lightspeed to crash.
  • Fixed an issue where supplier currency was not respected when adding costs to a product.

Lightspeed Retail Update: Zodiac 1

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where customers were unable to import .jpg images in certain browsers.
  • Fixed an issue where adding a customer to a sale was not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to dismiss Net Promoter after completing a survey.
  • Fixed an issue where the registration pages were being displayed to users who were already registered.
  • Fixed an issue where items being refunded were not displayed onscreen until the page was manually refreshed.
  • Fixed an issue where customers who created a custom field with a date/time field had an error message displayed when they tried to save an item or customer with the custom field.
  • Fixed an issue where date custom fields could not be saved if they included time.
  • Fixed an issue where users who received many of the same item were seeing only one label for them when they went to Inventory > Print Labels.
  • Fixed an issue where a Couldn’t save error message was displayed when saving a new item.
  • Fixed an issue where an alert was not displayed if a user chose a Web Store domain that was already in use.

Lightspeed OnSite 2015 2.1.1

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where attempting to update products with the Import tools caused Lightspeed OnSite to crash.
  • Fixed an issue where the Search Current Products Only setting did not work correctly in POS mode.
  • Fixed an issue where identical customer terms were not recognized in pre-flight, causing replication to fail for Multi-Store.
  • Fixed an issue where merged customers were displayed in POS mode during searches.

Lightspeed OnSite 2015 2.1


Lightspeed OnSite 2015 2.1 has major improvements in performance speed.

  • Count Inventory comparisons and adjustments are faster.
  • Intelligence reports are faster.
  • Apple GDV Inventory Report is 2x faster.
  • Searching for Products, Customers and Invoices in POS Mode is faster.



  • Opening the cash drawer is controlled by the user privilege and payment method.
  • Merchant Warehouse is replaced by Cayan.
  • New setting for automatic completion of sale in POS Mode.
  • Cash Denomination buttons are now available for cash payments in POS Mode.
  • New option in Users to allow passwords to never expire.
  • New button in POS Mode to reprint a Gift Card receipt for an Invoice.
  • Gift Card balances are printed on receipts.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where when the Can Exit POS Screen privilege was set to authentication the user was logged out.
  • Fixed an issue in POS mode where the Sell Negative Inventory on Invoices privilege allowed selling negative inventory.
  • Fixed an issue in POS mode where the Sell Negative Quantity on Invoices privilege allowed selling items that were at a negative quantity.
  • Fixed an issue in POS mode where the Sell Below Minimum margin on Invoices privilege allowed selling below the minimum margin.
  • Fixed an issue in POS mode where attempting to log out when the Can Exit POS Screen privilege is set to authentication or to not allowed caused Lightspeed OnSite to crash.
  • Fixed an issue in POS mode where the End of Day report was not accessible if the user privilege was set to authentication.
  • Fixed an issue where mapping payment methods for the Cayan Genius terminal caused Lightspeed Onsite to crash.
  • Fixed an issue where on the Product card selecting Update Costs of Products on this PO cleared the Default Supplier.
  • Fixed an issue where users who do not have Setup MultiStore enabled cannot do inventory lookups or Transfers In.
  • Fixed an issue where changing the Customer on an Invoice that was paid by Gift Card clears the Gift Card payment.
  • Fixed an issue in POS Mode where the account window opened behind the customer card.
  • Custom fields now print accurately for Supplier Invoices.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Export Tools to crash.
  • Fixed an issue where accessing Customer history from POS mode caused Lightspeed OnSite to crash.
  • Product Codes now print on labels by default.
  • Printing a barcode based on a Product Code is supported.
  • Updating a master product description now updates the child products.
  • Fixed an issue where performing a GSX warranty lookup caused Lightspeed Onsite to crash.
  • Barcodes of the Multi-Store Label are blank custom labels designed using the C39 barcode.
  • Fixed an API issue where updating an invoice with an activated gift card on it caused the value of the gift card to double.
  • Columns now sort properly in gift card table.
  • Columns now sort properly in inventory count window.
  • StoreMaster now updates the Invoice Modified Date for non-cash payments.
  • Using a Pre-Existing preset now displays the product fields in Import Tools.
  • Fixed an issue where a phone number was occasionally shown in the email field of an invoice card.


Mac OS X Yosemite

  • Fixed an issue where posted or exported Supplier Invoices were displayed with a lock icon.
  • Fixed an issue where text was cut off in Station Setup & Pricing Level Setup.

Advanced Reporting 2.0

  • Supports the completely redesigned Advanced Reporting 2.0 add-on module, a powerful cloud-based tool for deep retail analysis across any number of store locations.

Updated API Documentation

Lightspeed Retail Update: X-Ray

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where matrix parent items incorrectly linked short and long descriptions with child products.
  • Fixed an issue where adding multiple single items to a work order converted the items to a box, even when Do Not Convert Singles to Boxes Automatically was enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where an ampersand in a customer name caused printing errors.
  • Fixed an issue where, credit card error messages persisted onscreen even after pressing the Hide button.
  • Fixed an incorrect price in the Giant catalog.
  • Fixed an issue where logging back on during a quote created a second copy of the quote.

May 27. 2015


 In Settings > General Options > Customize Product Listing you can now add these SKU fields to product listings: UPC, EAN, Custom/Shop SKU and Manufacturer SKU.

In Settings > Set Prices you can now Archive Price Schemes you no longer wish to use.


Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where special characters such as ampersands were not displayed properly in emailed receipts.

Fixed an issue where the Save Changes button was not available during field changes.

Fixed an issue where after you added an item to a box of items or assembly you went to the item details screen instead of the box of items or assembly tab.

Fixed an issue where when you changed the description of an item the Save Changes button was not active until you moved to another field.

Fixed an issue where a qwerty keyboard rather than a numeric one was displayed when a user was closing a till, performing a payout or drop, or adding an amount.

Fixed an issue where quantity available did not display in product matrices.

Fixed an issue where deleting tags for an item was causing unexpected functionality.

Fixed an issue where purchase orders that have special orders on them and are received in a shop that isn’t the intended shop for the purchase order did not set aside quantities for the special orders when received.

Web Store 3.2.8

  • Fixes an issue with Lightspeed OnSite connectivity.

Web Store

  • Fixed an issue with account registration.

Web Store 3.2.7

  • New Cayan (Merchant Warehouse) simple integration payment module (Admin Panel > Payments).
  • Fixed an issue where empty Categories and Families/Manufacturers would appear even if the “Display Empty Categories” (Admin Panel > Store Settings > Products) option was set to OFF.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent customers that signed in via Facebook from logging out.
  • Fixed an issue in the Brooklyn 2014 theme where the “Continue Shopping” link on the edit cart screen would not update the browser’s URL properly.
  • Fixed an issue with Google Analytics tracking.
  • Translation was added or fixed for the following:
    – The account creation form
    – The account edit form
    – 404 error messages
    – The “By Manufacturer” Families/Manufacturers label
    – Search fields
    – All themes: All “Submit” strings in submit buttons
  • (OnSite self-hosted only) For web stores installed in subdirectories, the company logo now appears correctly on the checkout home screen.
  • (OnSite self-hosted only)  For web stores installed in subdirectories, the “Forgot Password” function on checkout pages now works as intended.

Lightspeed Restaurant POS 3.3

  • The Shortcut Panel is now enabled by default. You can enable/disable the feature in the Restaurant iOS settings (Settings > Restaurant > Layout Settings > Show shortcut bar).
  • When processing a swipe credit card payment, the cardholder’s name and the last four digits of the credit card now appear in the Order and Payment screens, and on receipts. This is especially useful for identifying the payments on a split-receipt order, such as when adjusting the tip amount.
  • A new “Allow Multiple Credit Card Payments per Receipt” iOS setting (Settings > Restaurant > Beta) now lets you choose whether or not to allow more than one credit card payment on the same receipt. Disabling this option requires you to split a bill so that every credit card payment is on its own receipt. This is especially useful if a signature is required on a receipt.
  • (Belgium only) If your business uses a PABX telephone system, a customer’s telephone number is now auto-filled when creating a new customer from the Takeout and Delivery screen (Extra > Takeout and Delivery): When on the telephone with a customer, if the telephone number that’s detected is not already assigned to an existing customer in your Lightspeed Restaurant system, tapping the telephone number at the top of the Takeout and Delivery screen opens the “New Customer” screen with the telephone field already filled in.
  • Language and localization:
    • The Lightspeed Restaurant POS app interface now supports Japanese when the iPad is set to Japanese.
    • Improved localizations and translations.

Lightspeed Restaurant Manager 4.3

  • Lightspeed Manager now displays dates in your region’s format based on your Locale setting (Settings > Locale Setting).
  • When setting a payment method, the available payment types (i.e. Merchant Genius, ATOS Xengo) are now filtered by region so that you only see what’s applicable to you.
  • You can now choose to show or hide Beta features in the Restaurant Manager interface by enabling or disabling the individual beta features in the Manager Settings (Settings > Beta Features).
  • Single-location users can now consolidate (merge) products in the Product Report (Reports > Product Reports) by Product ID or Product Name.
  • You can now set takeout and delivery prices for menus (Products > Product > select menu product > Edit Price > Advanced).
  • Lightspeed Restaurant now includes default User Groups with preset user roles for new accounts.
  • You can now view all open tabs for a customer in the customer details window (Users > Customers > select a customer).

Lightspeed Retail POS app 2.1

  • Performance enhancements:
    • Switching users via a PIN is now faster.
    • You can now log in and select a register even under bad network conditions.
  • Faster and easier numeric inputs with the new number pad.
  • Tapping on an email link within the Retail Manager section now starts a new email.
  • A welcome screen now appears when opening the app for the first time.
  • Your company logo now appears on the PIN Lock screen.
  • The cash drawer now opens after a cash amount is saved in the payment screen.
  • General bug fixes and performance improvements in the Retail Manager section.

Lightspeed Retail Update: Wormhole

Bug Fixes

This release was all about squashing your top-reported bugs:

  • Fixed an issue where Break Down Boxes did not correctly break down items with multiple child options.
  • Fixed an issue where returning an archived item did not unarchive it.
  • Fixed an issue where SmartEtailing memory usage caused upload failures.
  • Fixed an issue where searching for archived items returned incorrect results.
  • Fixed an issue where a transferred item that is archived appears in the Item History as removed for transfer, but does not show that the item is returned when the transfer is archived.
  • Fixed an issue where items could not be saved if a date custom field is configured to include time.
  • Fixed an issue where parts of notification messages were missing.
  • Fixed an issue where the End of Day report did not display correct information for Profit and Category.
  • Fixed an issue where the End of Day report did not correctly calculate the number of items sold.
  • Fixed an issue so that deleting a special order now creates an inventory log entry, so that special orders that are deleted by mistake can be tracked.
  • Fixed an issue where the Payment Type did not display in an exported Payments Received report.
  • Fixed an issue where imported items attached to a Purchase Order were duplicated in the Item Search.
  • Fixed an issue where manual inventory adjustments were not correctly reported in the Inventory History Report.
  • Fixed an issue where saving a Gift Card as a quote changed it to a miscellaneous item.
  • Fixed an issue where users could not download Roll-Up Reports.
  • Fixed an issue where Price Rules applied to only one location were not applied.
  • Fixed an issue where locking a register did not function properly.
  • Fixed an issue where updating a child product’s short or long description updated the parent product.
  • Fixed an issue where transferring items using the All Received button more than once clears the list of sent items.
  • Fixed an issue where not all the items from the Quality Bicycle Products website displayed in our catalog.
  • Fixed an issue where default costs were not applied correctly to auto-added items.
  • Fixed an issue where the default vendor was not displayed for items that were sold, refunded or had their quantity adjusted in the Inventory Count.

May 11, 2015

  • Fixed an issue where opening an Item’s details in a new tab caused issues navigating between sub-tabs.
  • Fixed an issue with Mercury Refund Processing where refunds of manual entries were not correctly processed and an error message was displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where Date Custom Fields were displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where pulling items for layaway only pulls items from the current shop rather than the specified shop.
  • Fixed an issue where the Misc. and Labor buttons did not function correctly after pressing the Category button during a sale.
  • Fixed an issue where Items that are auto-added for sale, ad-hoc refunded, or added by reconciling an inventory count are not assigned a vendor, even if they have a default vendor set.
  • Fixed an issue where credit card error messages could not be dismissed.

Lightspeed Restaurant POS 3.1.4

  • Improved performance for accounts with a large number of customers.

Lightspeed Restaurant POS 3.1.3

  • Corrected an issue with an incorrect error message displaying when a print times out.
  • Fixed an issue whereby a “% Ticket” discount was calculated incorrectly when an order contained a menu (combo) product.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect product IDs on the Order screen.
  • Corrected an issue that resulted in the Lightspeed Restaurant POS app crashing when using a proxy server.
  • Fixed HTML templates.
  • Fixed an issue with products with a quantity greater than 1 not combining on a ticket when printed to the kitchen.

Lightspeed Restaurant Manager 4.2

  • New ingredient-management feature lets you to create ingredients and assign them to various products for the purposes of tracking ingredient quantities and cost.
  • For tax-exclusive restaurants, revenue data on Day Reports now displays restaurant, bar, takeaway, and delivery revenues separately.
  • New multi-location product management feature. For users with multi-location accounts (more than one restaurant linked to the same account), you can now modify or create products, discounts, and service charges for all locations at once, or for a select group of locations only.
  • New “Show Product Sales by Waiter in Waiter reports” Report Setting allows you to display a breakdown of sales by product on user reports. This is especially useful for users that are paid on commission.

Web Store 3.2.6

  • UI improvements for the Brooklyn 2014 theme.
  • Corrected a rare issue that would cause items to be oversold.
  • Corrected an issue where simple payment methods ignored a registered customer’s existing billing address that was different from the shipping address.
  • Fixed a bug with Google Adwords Integration that was preventing Web Store from submitting Adwords conversion data to Google.
  • Menus were modified to support two-line menu titles.
  • Fixed canonical URL generation.
  • Product URLs no longer include an extra “http://” in their links when the “Use Categories In Product Urls” URL Option is enabled in the Admin Panel.
    Important: In order for this fix to take effect, you must regenerate the product URLs. To do so:
    1. Go to Admin Panel > Store Settings > URL Options.
    2. Disable the “Use Categories In Product Urls” option, and then click Save.
    3. Re-enable the “Use Categories In Product Urls” option, and then click Save.
  • Removed the “Default Locale (Language) Code” field in Admin Panel > Store Settings > Localization. Web Store now defaults to the customer’s default browser language.
  • Fixed an issue whereby downloading orders from Amazon’s Marketplace Service would cause errors. This error occurred when orders had only a first name for the customer.
  • Updated the department (state) list for France and ordered the list by INSEE code.
  • (Lightspeed OnSite only) In the Web Store products menu, Web Categories are now sorted based on their menu position as set in Lightspeed OnSite (Tools > Setup > Web Categories). If you’re using the “Blended into Products Menu” Admin Panel setting for Families (Admin Panel > Store Settings > Display Options > Show Families on Product Menu), Families are sorted alphabetically after the Web Categories. Custom Pages also appear in alphabetical order after Web Categories.
  • (Lightspeed OnSite only) Fixed an issue whereby a product’s “Regular Price” wouldn’t appear for child products when the “Slashed Prices” option was enabled and the product did not have a Web Store Price.
  • (Lightspeed OnSite only) When a child product is selected, the product page now displays the short description for the child product instead of the master product description.
  • (Lightspeed OnSite only) Billing Address fields are now correctly populated on downloaded Web Orders.

Developer Note (Lightspeed OnSite only)

If your Web Store uses a customized theme, you may be required to update the theme to take advantage of bug fixes offered in this release. For more information, refer to these two articles:
  • Google Adwords Integration issue:
  • Missing product “Regular Price issue (for Santa Cruz theme only):

Lightspeed Retail Update: Vulcan


  • Now supports long product descriptions for Web Store (up to 12,000 characters).
  • Gift card number included in Payments report and export.
  • Upgraded to new version of Google Sign-in service.
  • Removed “Clear all counts” button from Inventory Counts to prevent accidental data loss. Instead of clearing all data you should instead archive the existing inventory count and create a new, empty count.

Bug Fixes

  • Restored button for navigating between a boxed item and its container box.
  • Fixed an issue where Advanced Reporting would give an unknown error.

Web Store 3.2.5

  • Customers can now register an email address that has been used on a guest checkout.
  • Enhancements to Brooklyn 2014 user interface.
  • USPS now calculates shipping for international destinations.
  • Various stability enhancements and bug fixes.

Developer Note (Lightspeed OnSite only)

The autofocus attribute was removed from the Brooklyn 2014 theme in Web Store 3.2.5. However, this change does not affect customized Brooklyn 2014 themes. If you’re using a customized Brooklyn 2014 theme and you want to remove the autofocus attribute, you must modify your Brooklyn 2014 files as specified here:

Lightspeed Retail POS app 2.0

  • Now includes a Lightspeed Retail Manager menu that lets you access all the Lightspeed Retail management tools, such as inventory management, reports, advanced sale workflows (i.e. special orders, layaways), work orders, and account settings. Click here to get started.
  • Improved design with simpler navigation, new icons, larger tappable areas, and new font.
  • General bug fixes.

Lightspeed Retail Update: Ultraviolet

  • You can now disable discounts on individual items  and Labor to protect your margins. Accessed through the new “Discounts Allowed” item details option and “No Discounts on Labor” setting in General Options.
  • Breadcrumb navigation now includes top-level navigation items, such as Sales and Inventory.
  • Updated Sidebar Main Menu:
    • Consolidated all session information in the Main Menu. The menu now includes the “Employee”, “Shop”, “Register”, “Lock”, “Sign Out”, and “Time Clock” options that were previously accessible via the bottom menu bar, which was removed for increased screen real estate.
    • The Sign-Out (logout) option is now minimized to encourage the use of the lock function for stores utilizing user access PINs.
    • The menu can now be “pinned” so that it remains open on small screens, such as on iPads.

Lightspeed Restaurant Manager 4.1

  • A new Timed Events (Happy Hour) feature lets you set predefined time-based fixed or percentage discounts for specified products/categories, or create a Timed Event that displays products/categories in Lightspeed Restaurant POS only during specified times, such as for Breakfast products.
  • User Roles:
    • You can now create User Groups with predefined user privileges (i.e. Admin, Waiter, Bartender, Cashier), and then assign the User Groups to new or existing users instead of enabling/disabling privileges manually for each user.
    • A new “Allow adding tips” user role sets whether or not a user can add tips when processing a payment.
  • You can now assign a default printer to a floor for all receipts that are printed from that floor.
  • A new “Use TLS” (Transport Layer Security) Email Setting lets you send encrypted (secure) emails from Lightspeed Restaurant POS and Lightspeed Restaurant Manager.
  • Reporting:
    • For tax-exclusive Restaurants, revenue information on Day Reports now displays restaurant, bar, takeaway, and delivery revenues separately.
    • Users with multi-restaurant accounts can now consolidate product information on Product Reports by Product ID or Name.

Lightspeed Restaurant POS 3.1

  • A new Order-screen Shortcut Panel feature that users can enable or disable in the iOS settings (Developer Settings). The Shortcut Panel lets you quickly execute common tasks when on the Order screen, such as change product quantity and price, select product modifier, and display product information.
  • Takeout and Delivery:
    • The Takeout and Delivery screen now provides a “map” link that you can use to quickly view a delivery address on an iPad using Google Maps or Apple’s built-in Maps app.
    • A customer of type “Anonymous” is now selected by default when creating a takeout or delivery order.
  • A new “Modifiers Row Height” option in the iOS settings (Layout Settings) lets users increase and decrease the size of the tappable area when selecting modifiers.

Web Store 3.2.4

Bug fixes/Enhancements

  • Fixed the width and height ratio for a header image in email receipts.
  • Fixed PayPal Pro for tax-inclusive stores when shipping to a taxable destination with taxable shipping enabled.
  • Fixed an issue whereby the handling fee was not always included on the confirmation page when the user selected ‘in store pickup’.
  • If all items that are eligible for a promo code are removed from the cart, the promo code field is now automatically cleared.
  • Shipping charges are now updated after editing the cart from the confirmation screen.
  • Fixed an issue with images loading from the incorrect location.
  • Fixed an issue with certain pages not working if Web Store was installed in a subdirectory.

Developer Note (Lightspeed OnSite only)

If your Web Store uses a customized theme, you may be required to update the theme to take advantage of bug fixes offered in this release. For more information, refer to these three articles:
  • Header image aspect ratio issue:
  • Missing breadcrumbs (Brooklyn 2014):
  • Web Store installed in a subdirectory (Brooklyn 2014):

Lightspeed Retail Update: Tachyon

  • The Customer Facing Display is now available to all customers!
  • Credit Card signatures captured via the iPad are now visible in the transactions detail page
  • Some users with slow internet will see speed improvements when scanning items on the register
  • Cost and Subtotals are now visible on Layaways, Special Orders and Work Order Reports
  • New page headers on printed documents
  • Added ability to see and sort inventory counts by last modified date
  • Transfers now easily show items that are out of stock
  • Added additional color choices in custom-color options set
  • Work Order notes field will now grow as you add longer notes
  • Item quantity field on purchase orders does not cut off large numbers

Bug Fixes/Enhancements

  • Fixed issue where new multi-store pricing does not work with Shopify integration
  • Fixed issues where item records dates were set to 00/00/0000
  • Fixed issues in Firefox and Chrome where trailing zeros were being cut off after the decimal
  • Fixed issue where profit was being calculated incorrectly in some cases on Sales Tax Report

Web Store 3.2.3

Bug Fixes/Enhancements

  • Fixes a performance regression for Web Stores with a large number of products.
  • Fixed an issue with the 3.2.2 release whereby the installation process would sometimes stall.
  • (Lightspeed Retail only) Fixed an issue with the Santa Cruz theme’s checkout.

Lightspeed OnSite 2015.2.0


  • The save time for Purchase Orders, Quotes, Orders, & Invoices with many line items is now faster.
  • The save time for changed quantities on Purchase Orders, Quotes, Orders, & Invoices is now faster.
  • The response time of  Purchase Orders, Quotes, Orders, & Invoices has been improved.
  • Performance optimization now takes place upon installation with a manual reset located in System Preferences.
  • Performance increase for the Accounts Receivable Module.


  • StoreMaster application now uses the Cocoa framework (was previously Carbon).
  • Converted all side drawers to drop down sheets allowing for the removal of legacy code.
  • Improved Help menu for faster access to and remote support.
  • An Invoice can now be voided in POS Mode to prevent Owing Invoices.
  • Expanded the Accounts Receivable window for better navigation of customers.
  • Product label barcodes are now printed off Product ID by default.
  • Moneris messages have now been updated if the card is left in the machine.
  • New Installer Window layout, Retina compatible, with Uninstaller included.

Bug Fixes

  • Removing a customer from an existing invoice no longer removes discounts from the line items on the invoice.
  • Pricing Levels now detect the proper quantity and set the proper Pricing Level.
  • Fixed an issue in StoreMaster when selling a product with a pricing level applied, the discount would apply to the default price instead of the pricing level price.
  • Fixed an issue where a user was unable to open the tills window in POS Mode.
  • Fixed in issue where a sale label was incorrect for tax-inclusive environments.
  • Fixed an issue where Importing a vCard failed.
  • Fixed an issue where Transfer Inventory in Tools was disabled occasionally.
  • Fixed an issue for 1.3 customers where inventory reserving or releasing would cause an inventory quantity issue.
  • Fixed an issue where a jpeg photo could not be opened for a product, customer, supplier, or company logo.
  • Fixed an issue where Lightspeed could crash when adding an item to SRO Additional Items.
  • Fixed an issue where Lightspeed could crash when selecting Gift Cards in Tools.
  • Fixed an issue when using a Moneris Terminal would display a “declined” message when the transaction was approved.
  • Receiving a PO with a linked Order item now updates the Order status to received.
  • Reopening an invoice with a product that has a 100% discount no longer ignores the discount.
  • Fixed an issue where the Lightspeed Server may not start upon reboot of a computer running Mavericks.
  • Selecting “Quantity” in the Set Product Info drop-down no longer results a timeout and crash.
  • Creating a return with a sale offer applied no longer removes the sale offer price.
  • Fixed an issue if a product is sold at a 100% discount that when re-opening the invoice the sell price would be incorrect.
  • Fixed an issue where changing a line item quantity on an invoice would cause discounts to be removed.
  • Fixed an issue where receiving a PO for a linked Order did not update the status to Received.

Mac OS X Yosemite

  • Fixed an issue where a text box background color would display incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where text could be cut off in the Company Setup Panel and GSX setup window.
  • Fixed shading issues for document linked/related tabs, customer categories, and setup panels in tools.
  • Fixed an issue where Label Designer would not function properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the keyboard would become unresponsive.
  • Fixed an issue where a Magic Mouse would cause Lightspeed to crash.

Web Store 3.2.2

New Features (Lightspeed OnSite only)

For Lightspeed OnSite, a newly optimized Cart & Checkout functionality within the newest Web Store theme, “Brooklyn 2014”. Our benchmark cart and checkout process has been designed to increase conversion rates and decreases cart abandonment:

  • Dynamic price calculation and multiple promotional-code entry points, keeps your customers informed of costs and savings throughout the entire checkout process.
  • Using the customer’s address or ZIP code, Web Store automatically calculates taxes, shipping options and costs, delivery estimates, and total costs, thus avoiding last minute “cart shock”.
  • With a persistently visible and accessible shopping cart, your customers can easily add or remove products for purchases, compare prices, and budget for specific discounts.
  • A quick and optional registration process ensures that your customers can take action and complete their purchase, without feeling overwhelmed.

Bug Fixes/Enhancements

  • Overall improvement of page-load times.
  • Redesigned responsive email templates for all themes.
  • Various security enhancements.
  • Various fixes for quantity discounts, promo codes, and shipping calculations.
  • Various enhancements to the Brooklyn 2014 theme for smaller devices.
  • Various UI fixes to the Brooklyn 2014 theme.
  • Improved custom page handling.
  • Various fixes for self-hosted customers.
  • Improvements for custom CSS in theme copies.
  • Payment provider enhancements.
  • Updated all themes (new versions) to include new Lightspeed branding.

Compatibility Note (Lightspeed OnSite only)

If your Web Store uses a customized theme, you may be required to update the theme before upgrading to the next release (3.2.3). For more information, click here.

Lightspeed Retail Update: Starburst

New Features

  • A new Customer Facing Display “Beta” feature lets you use any tablet device or computer monitor to create a more interactive engagement experience with customers by displaying key sales information like tax totals, discounts per line item, and the ability to directly email receipts.
  • A new Multi-Store Pricing feature allows users to easily set specific selling prices for each SKU on a store-by-store basis, whether it be based on differences in the cost of operations or in order to take advantage of localized trends.
Bug Fixes/Enhancements
  • The Quality Bicycle Products catalog now synchronizes correctly.
  • Update to Advanced Reporting to improve data-synchronization and performance issues.
  • Fixed issue with Email Receipts showing a 404 error.

Lightspeed Retail POS app 1.3.2

  • If using a MagTek iDynamo card reader, swiping a credit card from the Sale screen or Payment screen now automatically brings up the credit card payment type screen without having to select the “Credit Card” payment type.
  • Opening and closing a register now automatically prints a register stub from the receipt printer.
  • A notification now appears when a barcode scanner connects/disconnects.
  • The cash drawer now automatically opens when a “Cash” payment type is selected.
  • A new “Automatically Print Receipt” printer option lets you choose whether or not to automatically print a receipt at the end of a sale.
  • Improved printing performance.
  • A new and improved hardware settings screen.
  • The Menu area now includes status icons for your scanner, printer, and card reader.
  • Resolved an issue with random network crashes.
  • Fixed an instability issue when a selected receipt printer is not recognized when performing a cash payment, or when opening a cash drawer from the register screen.
  • You can now enter a decimal value when opening a register.
  • A sale that is “in-progress” is now maintained when returning from a PIN lock.
  • If the “Require PIN Before Each Sale” option is enabled in your Lightspeed Retail General Settings, it now also applies when performing a refund in the Lightspeed Retail POS app.

Lightspeed Restaurant Manager 4.0

  • A discount can now be set so that it applies to products within specific categories only.
  • You can now set a minimum and maximum number of selections for multi-select modifiers.
  • You can modify the price of a menu, or products within a menu, without affecting the original product price. This enables you to create a menu with custom prices without having to create duplicate hidden products.
  • A new “Stock Management” setting lets you enable or disable stock tracking for a given product.
  • Reporting:
    • A new “Locale” setting ensures that dates and times on reports are displayed in your country’s format.
    • A new “Report Discounts Separately” reporting option allows you to view discount totals separately on day reports.
    • Improved CSV exports for day reports now displays only one value per column.
    • (USA only) New IRS W-2 and IRS 8027 reports.
  • User Roles:
    • A new “Allow Adding Discount Without Customer” user role determines whether a customer must be added to a receipt in order for the user to apply a discount.
    • A new “Allow Void Without Customer” user role determines if a customer must be added to a receipt in order for the user to void the receipt.
  • A new “Warn for Non Printed Items when Returning to the Floor” print setting sets whether a user is prompted to print all unprinted products on a receipt before returning to the Floor screen.
  • Fixed an issue whereby a password reset was not taking effect on certain servers.

Lightspeed Restaurant POS 3.0

  • Now fully supports iOS 8.
  • (Europe only) Improved Adyen support and increased stability for the Adyen Miura card reader.
  • When processing a sale using a credit card payment type and you enter a payment amount that’s greater than the receipt total, you’re now asked whether to set the overcharged amount as a tip.
  • User Role modifications made in the Lightspeed Restaurant Manager are now instantly updated in the Lightspeed Restaurant POS app.
  • A modified “Auto save receipt items” iOS option (Functionality settings) now lets you set whether to automatically save a receipt when exiting the Order screen with unprinted items.
  • A new “Allow Reseller Access” option in the Menu screen allows you to grant a reseller temporary (30 minutes) access to your account, via a generated PIN, for troubleshooting purposes.
  • Products of type “Spacing” and “New Line” no longer appear when scrolling through products in the Detail view.

Lightspeed Retail Update: Redshift

New Features:

  • Updated fonts, improved density and readability. Reports are now more condensed for improved legibility
  • Advanced Reporting for Retail synching and performance improvements – Available in Private Beta

Bug Fixes/ Enhancements:

  • Notices no longer obscure navigation bar
  • Refunds & Voids now properly working on Mercury gateway
  • 100% Discounts on a Price Rule are now applicable to a sale or item
  • Fixed an issue where adding an item to a PO added the re-order amount, rather than adding 1 more to inventory
  • Taxable flags in pricing fields are now checked by default
  • Items with same description in Purchase Orders now print the accurate number of labels
  • Improvement to printing labels from Purchase Orders

Lightspeed Restaurant POS 2.20

  • Fixed an application stability issue when selecting an open-quantity or open-price product.

Lightspeed Restaurant Manager 3.05


  • A Product can now be duplicated in, or moved to, an existing category.
  • You can now sort products manually, by Product ID, or Product Name.
  • You can now manually sort the order of Modifiers in a Modifier Group. This affects the order in which modifiers appear in the Lightspeed Restaurant POS app.
  • Removed Takeaway and Delivery price options for Service Charge products.


  • Columns in all report tables can now be sorted.
  • The “Cash Register Reports” section now includes cash drawer X/Z reports, and a list of all cash-ins/outs.


  • When copying a table in the Floor Planner screen, “copy” is automatically added to the new table name, and the new table is now easily visible.


  • Added a description for each User Role and improved the layout of the User Role selection window.


  • In the Company Details section of the Lightspeed Manager Settings, users can now select their “Country” from a drop-down list instead of entering the information manually.
  • Users can now specify the amount of time, in weeks, that receipts are stored in Lite Server.
  • New “Tip Pool Rate” option in the Reports section of the Lightspeed Manager Settings.
  • New “Locale” option in the Company Details section of the Lightspeed Manager Settings ensures that users get the printed reports in the correct date/time format.
  • New “Show sales and tax info” option (for tax-exclusive regions only) in the Report section of the Lightspeed Manager Settings allows for added sales and tax information on reports.


  • To avoid unintentional deletion of items, a confirmation message now appears when deleting any item, such as a product or user.
  • Subscriptions payments from Lightspeed Manager can now be made by credit card only. Wire transfers and PayPal are no longer supported.

Lightspeed Restaurant POS 2.19

  • Adding a discount to a product with a quantity greater than one now applies the discount to just one item instead of the total quantity. This affects discounts defined as “Reduction Product” or “Reduction Product %”.
  • Removed quantities of a single item are now merged on receipts and appear as one entry instead of multiple entries. For example, deleting two orders of “Seafood” will show as “-2 Seafood” on the receipt, instead of two separate “-1 Seafood” entries.
  • For products defined as “Open Price”, you can now enter a decimal price value when adding the product to an order.

Lightspeed Restaurant POS 2.18

  • When using BridgePay payment processing, you can now process manual credit card payments on an iPod/iPhone.
  • Voiding a manual credit card payment now automatically prints a void ticket.
  • You can now edit a payment and add a tip when using Merchant Warehouse’s Genius terminal in “pre-auth” mode.
  • Fixed an issue whereby Lightspeed Restaurant POS would crash when splitting a bill for an order with a large amount of items.
  • Added support for the MagTek iDynamo card reader with Merchant Warehouse.
  • Once a manual credit card payment is processed in “sale” mode, the option to change the payment amount is no longer available due to stability issues. The payment can still be voided however.
  • (USA only) The edit options when long pressing an item on the Order screen is now enabled by default.
  • (USA only) When processing a swipe credit card payment, an alert message now appears if the receipt printer template is not the required HTML template.
  • (USA only) Tax Exemptions:
    • Tax exemptions can now be applied to individual items on an order.
    • Tax exemptions are now maintained when saving an order without printing any items.
    • Tax exemptions are now displayed on the payment screen.
    • Tax exemptions can now be reset from the Order screen and Payment screen.

Lightspeed Retail Update: Quasar

Bug Fixes/Enhancements

  • Modified the autocomplete functionality for items on layaway and special order. When an item on layaway or special order is added to a sale, the user is now asked whether or not to complete the layaway or special order.
  • Fixed the “Transaction Not Found” issue when opening an order from the Shipping screen.
  • Fixed an issue with Giant integration not allowing blank suffixes for multi-shop accounts.

Lightspeed Retail Web Store 3.2.1


  • Added support for residential or business addresses in Brooklyn 2014
Bug Fixes
  • Brooklyn 2014 Checkout
    • Discount line is now correctly displayed on the Thank You page
    • Customers can now create an account from the Thank You page regardless of payment method
    • Payment details now display the appropriate address information when using In-store Pickup with PayPal
    • Shipping Estimator now updates when editing line item quantities on the Confirmation Page
    • Editing an address immediately after adding it during checkout no longer generates an error
    • Improved validation for credit card expiry date
    • Switching shipping option to In-store pickup during checkout no longer causes an error
    • Multiple responsive design improvements for mobile devices
  • Store owner and customer will now receive an order confirmation email even if the customer does not return to the webstore after the PayPal transaction is complete

Lightspeed OnSite 2015.1.2


  • Rebranded application.
  • Fixed an issue where gift-card payments would sometimes be removed from partially paid invoices.
  • Fixed a stability issue when clicking the “View Matrix” button in a Product Card for an imported matrix product.

Sale Events

  • Fixed an issue where the Save button was inactive when updating a Sale Event.


  • Clicking the All button for customers and/or products on a sales document window will no longer cause a timeout issue on large databases.
  • Modifying product quantities on sales documents (invoices, quotes, orders) no longer causes the document window to freeze.

Mac OS X Yosemite

  • Fixed an issue with text fields not displaying properly in Lightspeed OnSite on Mac OS X Yosemite.

Lightspeed Retail Update: Photon

Bug Fixes/Enhancements:

  • Fixed issues with the PIN lock screen taking too long to log in
  • Fixed issue with login being slow
  • Improvements to Register and Work Order on small screens
  • Fixed issue with birthday only going back to 1999 in Work Orders
  • Added a confirm so users cannot accidentally delete Work Orders line items
  • Added fix to prevent mouse-scroll from incrementing number fields
  • Removed Price column from gift receipts
  • Fixed incorrect error message when selling out of stock items
  • Fixed issue where adding existing items to a Matrix changed the matrix cost to 0
  • Fixed issue where no item history was created when a box of items is broken down
  • Added ‘Unnamed Record” to items and customers that have no names to make it easier to select in listing
  • Fixed issue where clicking Backspace clears out the sale on the Register
  • Fixed issue where vendors were being imported twice during onboarding

Lightspeed Retail Web Store 3.2

Newly optimized Cart & Checkout functionality within the newest Web Store theme, “Brooklyn 2014”. Our benchmark cart and checkout process has been designed to increase conversion rates and decreases cart abandonment:
  • Dynamic price calculation and multiple promotional-code entry points, keeps your customers informed of costs and savings throughout the entire checkout process;
  • Using the customer’s address or ZIP code, Web Store automatically calculates taxes, shipping options and costs, delivery estimates, and total costs, thus avoiding last minute “cart shock”;
  • With a persistently visible and accessible shopping cart, your customers can easily add or remove products for purchases, compare prices, and budget for specific discounts;
  • A quick and optional registration process ensures that your customers can take action and complete their purchase, without feeling overwhelmed.

Bug Fixes

  • Moneris integration:
    • Fixed a bug that was preventing error messages from being displayed when a transaction failed using Moneris.
    • Fixed a bug whereby payments of $1000 or above was rejected when using Moneris.
  • General: Fixed a bug where product images were uploaded using an unsecured scheme when the ‘EnableSSL’ option was enabled. This resulted in a browser warning about content that was not secure.
  • Promo code: Fixed a bug whereby a dollar-amount promo code discount was applied to multiple items in the cart, which resulted in an increased discount than the configured dollar-amount discount.
  • Security: The customer address information edit page now uses a secure connection.
  • Checkout: Fixed a bug on the checkout page whereby the error message was not clear when a new password provided by a shopper for a new account did not meet the minimum length requirement.

Cloud Update: Orbit



  • Archived Items in listings are grayed out
  • Employee Time Clocks follow updated color scheme
  • Updates to Sales Receipt templates to use less space
  • Purchase Orders now contain color coding for line information within the purchase order
  • Items on Purchase Orders with a Retail Price of $0.00 will be highlighted
  • User will be prompted before deleting a Special Order
  • Work Order Due Dates are color coded
  • Updated Reporting Printouts
  • Added the ability to search by ‘Excludes Tags’
  • Custom SKU now available on Transfer exports
  • Improvements to Work Order print templates

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue in previous release when printing labels from Purchase Orders. Users can now choose to print all labels, or print only received items.
  • Setting the Ordered date of a Purchase Order far back now appears on the PO listing
  • Singles now convert properly to boxes on the sales screen
  • Fixed issue no being able to complete refund on Credit Account/Gift Card
  • Fixed alignment issue with Purchase Order Statuses overlapping
  • Customers are now removed from the ‘Customers to contact list’ in Special Orders when the Special Order is complete
  • Fixes to Breadcrumb navigation
  • Fixed issue where adjusting Cost on Misc. and Labor charges did not work

Lightspeed OnSite 2015.1.1


Tax-Inclusive Pricing

  • Tax-inclusive line item selling prices are now displayed correctly
  • Editing a tax-inclusive line item sell price no longer displays an incorrect selling price
  • Tax-inclusive pricing level no longer displayed incorrectly when line item is part of a Sale Event
  • Tax-inclusive calculations now correctly select the default tax code
  • Product tax status now handled correctly

Yosemite UI Fixes

  • Global Search popover location corrected
  • Drop-down selectors are now shaded correctly
  • Windows can now be minimized as usual
  • Fixed some StoreMaster source list items displayed as white text
  • Fixed an incorrect drop shadow for some labels
  • Sale Offers no longer invisible when clicked on Yosemite
  • ReportMaster categories no longer invisible when clicked on Yosemite

Sales Events

  • Loading of products in “Add Product to Sale Offer” fixed for users with large databases
  • Resolved a case where discount could display “NaN” after removing customer
  • Sale Offers with 100% discount are now correctly calculated


  • Inventoried items ordered from a backorder invoice no longer display “Non Inventoried”
  • “Show Keyboard Shortcuts” no longer causes a crash in POS mode
  • Fixed intermittent crashing when dragging a photo from the web into Lightspeed

Lightspeed Restaurant POS 2.17

  • Updated Star Micronics printer driver for improved error handling (i.e. no paper, printer cover open).
  • New printer template for US customers that includes a credit card signature line and all prices in dollars.
  • US customers can now apply a tax exemption to an order.
  • Support for user login cards.
  • Modify the product quantity and modifier on the order from the receipt list.
  • Improved clock in/out functions.
  • Support for manual credit card processing with Merchant Warehouse.
  • Cash drawer reporting.

Cloud Update: Neutron



  • LightSpeed Cloud has a new name: Lightspeed Retail! Check out our updated website and exciting news at
  • MerchantOS UI Customers: As of this release you will not be able to switch back to the MerchantOS UI. If you have any questions please contact support.


Bug Fixes/Enhancements

  • Users can print labels from Item Search view
  • Fixed the issue where you cannot print Special Orders from Purchase Orders
  • Fixed issue to allow searching Purchase Orders by Ordered and Received date
  • The ‘All Shops’ filter does not change when navigating Items
  • Fixed the issue where you cannot search Work Order listings by a date range
  • Updated print templates for Special Orders including employee name and headers for checked special orders
  • Updates to print styling for listings
  • Fixed issue with Purchase Order labels only printing received items
  • Fixed issue with tax calculations and discounts printing on receipts
  • The “All Employees” filter now works in Print Labels queue
  • Added horizontal scroll bar when necessary to view content off the page
  • Fixed issue viewing Work Orders from Customer page
  • Fixed issue with Totals off in Assets Reports
  • SmartEtailing performance improvements
  • Shopify integration improvements

LightSpeed OnSite 2015

Sales Events

Sales Events gives you more control over which discounts are offered, and when!

  • Plan your holiday sales and back-to-school sales ahead of time.
  • Make sure your salespeople are applying only the right discounts.
  • Rest easy knowing sale pricing will expire automatically when the sale is over.
  • Print labels for your sale items to let your shoppers know the best deals.
  • Use ReportMaster to track the performance of your Sales Events. How successful was your back-to-school sale?
  • Pricing for Sales Events works from iPad and Mobile
  • Sales Events are API-ready for LightSpeed API developers.

Drag-and-Drop is Back!

You asked for it and we listened. We brought back the ability to drag and drop products into sales documents and POs, or to print product labels.


Improved Multi-Store Passwords

Communication between your stores is now maintained securely even when Multi-Store passwords are changed.


Purchase Order API

Lightspeed API developers can now create powerful purchasing integrations. We’ve added the ability to create, update and receive purchase orders via the API.


Advanced Reporting Uploader

Your sales data can now be uploaded directly to Advanced Reporting without you having to set up a specialized network configuration. Advanced Reporting users will be able to take advantage of the uploader in the coming weeks as we roll out new infrastructure.


Bug Fixes

  • Entering Web Short Descriptions longer than 4096 no longer causes a crash
  • PO line items now display properly in the StoreMaster preview pane
  • Missing quantity discount pricing no longer results in a sell of 0.00
  • Multi-Store replication now correctly updates cost, supplier, class, and family
  • Multi-Store gift card redeem no longer crashes when the local store has no gift card product

Cloud Update: Meteor



  • Purchase Order Navigation Improvements
  • Calendar Date and Time Improvements
  • Added Breadcrumbs to Reporting
  • New Status Colors for Work Order Schedule

Bug Fixes

  • Auto-Receive from Purchase Order works as expected
  • Adding catalog items to a PO navigates to the current PO
  • Adding a single item to PO navigates back to the current PO
  • Add to PO button is no longer missing after importing from Catalogs
  • Date range is consistent when navigating through PO pages
  • Printing a PO shows Date Ordered & Date Expected/Received
  • Scrolling through pages of reports will remember filter set to ‘All Shops’
  • Time clock displays in 12H format instead of military time
  • Work Order due date opens to this month and not 30 days ahead
  • Work Order due date is not set automatically
  • Work Orders default to current employee rather than first employee
  • Work Order schedule no longer ignores end date
  • Work Order Tags and Quotes now show the quantity for Misc. charges
  • Sorting does not cause search filters to reset
  • Paging through employee hours keeps search filters
  • Date range input values no longer cut-off
  • Timeclock report sets clock out date when clock in is changed
  • Date Custom Field – On Save time field reverts to 17:00:00
  • Fixed spacing in Special Orders listing
  • Sub Category listings now shows missing image
  • Proper tabs shown after save
  • Fixed Alt+A conflicting shortcuts on customer screen
  • Users without inventory access cannot edit item price via Special Order screen
  • Items on archived transfers no longer impact auto-add all functionality
  • Transfers no longer incorrectly display Special Order statuses as ‘Not Ordered’
  • Page is scrolled to top when navigating between tabs
  • Fixed sign-up with Google SSO

Web Store 3.1.12



  • Google Merchant Integration has been updated to include “availability” attribute
  • Updated USPS shipping integration to support the latest USPS specification (v4)

Bug Fixes

  • An issue that could sometimes cause orders to get stuck at the “Awaiting Processing” status has been resolved
  • Various other back-end bug fixes

Cloud Update: Lunar



  • Improved layouts on listings and views
  • Updated button styles
  • Breadcrumb navigation has been added
  • Single and Multi-Select Custom Fields are now available
  • Updated login page

Bug Fixes:

  • Auto-adding of inventory for a sale is now appearing in Item History
  • Boxes of Items break down properly on the register, when auto-receiving transfers, auto-checkin purchase orders
  • Dollar discounts of $1.00 or greater can be used on Price Rules
  • Reset Items to Defaults button on Matrix Setup now works for Price and MSRP fields
  • Updated email addresses and reply-to
  • Fixed Column header issues on Purchase Orders on small screens
  • Fixed date picker in Purchase Orders
  • Fixed UPC issue with QBP
  • Fixed a SmartEtailing issue
  • ‘Advanced’ dropdown menu works properly on Custom Fields
  • Fixed bug with archiving Custom Fields

Web Store 3.1.11


Bug Fixes

  • An issue with upgrading theme versions has been resolved
  • “Theme Update Available” message will no longer display in Web Stores which automatically upgrade themes
  • Image sync issues have been addressed between Cloud and Web Store
  • Release notes will now be displayed properly after an upgrade
  • An issue with re-uploaded Orders on Web Store involving Tax-Inclusive Pricing has been resolved
  • Tax inclusive Web Stores will now display non-tax prices correctly to customers outside of the taxable area
  • Fixed an intermittent issue where order notification emails would not correctly display the items and quantities
  • Email receipts will now correctly display the header image in all cases

Cloud Update: Kepler


New Features

  • Cursor Focus Enhancements – The cursor now focuses automatically in the right input boxes when navigating between listings and the register
  • Users can now disassemble an assembly and serialized assembly back into inventory
  • Special Orders now display status colors in listing
Bug Fixes
  • Label Printing Fixes
  • Custom Fields Bug Fixes and Enhancements
  • Fix to manual CC entry
  • Shopify Bug Fixes
  • QBP Bug Fixes including orders now show the $ value in the invoice drop-down

Lightspeed Restaurant POS 2.15

  • You can now specify a reason when deleting an item.

Lightspeed Restaurant POS 2.13

  • Message is now shown to users who do not have the rights to open the cash drawer.
  • Show selected user on takeaway receipt (only for US)