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World’s #1 Self-order and pay app for hotels & resorts Eliminate Payment Friction for next level Guest Experience Connect your Lightspeed POS and PMS simultaneously, remove friction in your digital menu’s, ordering, payments, delivery and logistics processes. For a great hospitality experience that saves you costs.


  • Realtime synchronisation: Lightspeed and your PMS are synchronised in real time. Guests connect to a QR code one time and can order whenever they want, while validated room charge payment happens automatically.
  • Customizable workflow: We know hotels. And that every hotel is different. Is your goal to send your guest to your F&B outlets or are you more room service heavy. With our workflow templates you (we) can pick and adjust to fit your needs.
  • Managing integrations: Integrating many digital tools can be hard and time consuming. That’s why we build the Woby connector. It sets up integrations in minutes instead of months and we manage all the third party conversation for you.
  • Eliminate Payment Friction for next level Guest Experience for free 30-day trial. Unlimited access to all features. No credit card required.

About Woby

Woby and strategic partner Omniboost focus on fully integrated POS and PMS solutions for the hospitality industry. This includes all sales transaction capture solutions such as mobile phones, kiosks, apps, and web solutions, 2200 live integrations across 65 countries.

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