• SES-imagotag’s digital tags work seamlessly with Lightspeed so merchants are able to display the right prices at the right time.
  • Stores should implement the SES-imagotag integration to ensure accurate prices, agile pricing and a perfect omnichannel synchronization.
  • Benefit from the unrivaled expertise of the world leader in digital tags and omnichannel solutions for physical retail
Increase sales and save time with SES-imagotag

Extended description:

  • SES-imagotag connects seamlessly with Lightspeed’s POS system to show correct prices at all times on digital tags
  • E-Paper displays enable stores and merchants to offer their customers the guarantee of a right price and an omnichannel synchronization between their e-Commerce platform and their physical stores.
  • Digital tags can also enhance in-store customer experience by displaying important information right at the tag, such dynamic customer reviews, product ratings and much more.

Category: Features / Tools

Product: Retail