• Lightspeed Restaurant (U-Series)

Resy powers the world’s best restaurants, using technology to imagine the future of hospitality. Built ‘by restaurants for restaurants’, Resy offers a cutting edge real-time cloud-based system with flat pricing, resetting industry expectations about how much value restaurants should expect from technology partners. Resy works with nearly 4,000 restaurants in 160 cities around the world, seats over 900k diners per week and has a 3.4% global no-show rate, the industry’s lowest. The ResyOS system has become known among restaurant owners and managers for having the functionality and flexibility they’ve always wanted in other platforms – and for its reasonable price point.

Key Features

  • Integrated CRM / Table Management / Waiting List
  • 2-Way SMS Confirmation & Reminder
  • Ticketing with PCI Compliant CC Handling
  • Customer Profile Control
  • Advanced Feedback Loop

Resy’s integration with Lightspeed allows restaurateurs to receive a detailed “shift prep” report hours ahead of each night’s scheduled service. The integration with Lightspeed also sends real-time table status from Lightspeed Point of Sale back to Resy, showing hosts the progress of tables in their meals, so hosts can set more accurate guest expectations on wait times and eliminate the need to leave the host stand to roam the floor.