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The Incentivio integration with Lightspeed creates a seamless and efficient system for restaurant digital guest engagement. By combining their all-in-one customer engagement platform with Lightspeed’s advanced point-of-sale (POS) capabilities, restaurants can enhance their in-store and online customer experience. Brands can cultivate lasting customer relationships, boost sales, and drive customer loyalty with little manual intervention and a simplified tech stack!

Some benefits include:

  • Personalized, commission-free digital ordering: Say goodbye to third-party fees and keep more of your hard-earned revenue with Incentivio’s commission-free, branded and white-labeled online ordering platform and mobile restaurant app.
  • Data-driven marketing and analytics with customizable loyalty: 360 data from visit frequency, basket value, and more to identify guests throughout the guest journey and fuel their loyalty with marketing using targeted restaurant offers.
  • The leader in AI/ML for restaurants to increase retention and revenue: Predict at-risk guests before they churn. Leverage segment and location data to turn first-time visitors to loyalists and use automation for personalized offers for retention.

Since 2017 Incentivio has helped hundreds of restaurant brands with over 3,000 locations across North America increase retention, maximize revenue, and enhance the guest experience for both first-time visitors and loyalists. With the goal to create memorable dining experiences that leave a lasting impression between the brand and their guests for ALL restaurants. They achieve this with their platform powered by AI/ML that combines branded online ordering and restaurant apps with customizable loyalty, a data

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