How to successfully reopen your restaurant | Replay

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Counting down the days to reopen your restaurant? We've partnered with UEAT, Push Operations, and two restaurants, Tinc Set and The Train Station Pub, to give you the tools and first-hand advice you need to get ready to reopen and offer safe culinary experiences. Register for our webinar to learn more.

In this webinar you'll learn more about:

  • Understanding new trends and customer expectations of dining out
  • Setting up your restaurant for success with the right technology
  • Putting new guidelines in place for a safe reopening
  • Retraining your staff to new rules
  • Adapting your restaurant menu

Meet our speakers!

  • Rene-Pier Plourde  -  Head of Communications, UEAT
  • Danny Lum  -  CTO and Co-founder, Push Operations
  • Rhonda Lindsay  -  The Train Station Pub
  • Lindsay Brennan  -  Tinc Set
  • Melanie Martel  -  Product Marketing Manager, Lightspeed