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In Montreal’s Gay Village, intimidating rent prices often scare off new bar owners looking for commercial spaces. The overnight success of Bar Renard in 2016 proved not only that even the most long-standing nightlife scenes have space for new businesses, but that great service will always be in vogue.

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The restaurant industry is notoriously difficult. But Bar Renard didn’t just keep afloat their first year in business—their customer count kept climbing, thanks to word-of-mouth from happy patrons. With line-ups every weekend, owner Marc-Antoine knew that service had to be fast-paced but personal, with operations run as tightly as possible. One of his concerns with getting a new POS was slowing things down right when they were speeding up.


Marc-Antoine hired additional staff to manage Bar Renard’s high volume of patrons and he needed them to get started quickly. Lightspeed Restaurant’s intuitive interface enabled his new staff to learn the basics of the POS in just a few minutes. His experienced staff was grateful to have an efficient system that freed up more time to focus on what they value most: creating a positive customer experience.

Human touch is the key to their success

Popular music and trendy decor are certainly part of the draw to Bar Renard—the vibrant floral wallpaper in the unisex bathrooms makes a perfect selfie backdrop—but it’s the personalized service and inclusive atmosphere that keep patrons coming back. The staff know their regulars by name and by their favorite drink, small details that don’t go unnoticed. Today, the bar remains central to the community, and owner Marc-Antoine values the human element above all else.

With Lightspeed, Renard can train staff quickly

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