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Loyal Tee Boutique owner, Tori Erickson, started out by running open house nights in her home where she sold hand-picked brands and pieces. As business started to boom, she realized it was time to expand and open her first storefront in her hometown of Clio, Michigan.

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Clio, Michigan


Tori knew that transitioning from an in-home business to a retail storefront meant it was time to invest in point of sale software. Unfortunately, the first POS they tried charged them countless hidden fees—even on cash transactions. There was no easy way to integrate the in-store inventory with their website either, which prevented them from being a true omnichannel business. To get the most out of Loyal Tee’s new storefront, Tori knew she needed a POS that didn’t just process transactions, but that offered forward-thinking tools that would propel her business forward.


Loyal Tee made the switch to Lightspeed and integrated their eCommerce and in-store inventory right away. Because Lightspeed streamlined managing the store and didn’t charge any hidden fees eating into margins, Tori was able to implement a loyalty program with accessible reward tiers for her customers. “I have multiple customers that use their rewards every day,” says Tori. “They look forward to it. They say, ‘I got the text, I get $10 off today.’”

Loyal Tee’s entire team is proud of their dedication to their customers. “When a customer walks in the door, they're like our best friend. That's how we treat them,” shares Tori. Thanks to Lightspeed Loyalty, Loyal Tee is able to treat every shopper like a regular, and their best customers like VIPs.

I have multiple customers that use their rewards every day. They look forward to it. They say, ‘I got the text, I get $10 off today.’
Tori Erickson Loyal Tee

Loyal Tee is making real connections and building customer loyalty with Lightspeed

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