If we hire you—you're hiring us too

We've created a hiring process that allows for a two-sided conversation. Let's get to know each other on the same side of the table.

Tell your story

You're more than your resume. This step is so our recruiter can get to know you, understand your passions and learn what makes you jump off the page.

Show your work

Show us what you got. We love to see what you bring to the table, beyond your conversation skills. This is where you can let your work speak for itself.

Meet the team

Let's take it to the next level. This is the time when you'll meet your direct manager, learn about the team and understand the role.

We make it human.

We make technology for real business owners, so we're looking for real people. Top qualifications and hands-on experience is great, but we want to learn about your hidden talents, hobbies and side hustles.

“At Lightspeed, a global tech leader, you get to collaborate with top minds and tackle industry challenges. Here, we're committed to your development. Your potential transforms into reality, driven by curiosity and the expression of your authentic self. Ready to grow and make an impact? Apply today."

Shirvani Mudaly, Chief People Officer

Got some questions?

What will the interview process look like?

Our interview process invites you to meet a variety of Lightspeeders who could be on your future team. This gives you the opportunity to meet more than the hiring team, from peers to managers and executives. If your application meets our requirements, you’ll have an initial conversation with a Talent Partner to align on expectations. The rest of the interview process is structured to holistically assess how you and your experience meet with the needs of the role, and to give you the opportunity to learn more about the position, the team and Lightspeed. We like to familiarize candidates with the role’s practical execution. A work sample test is typically part of the interview process. This can be an assessment, a technical assignment, role play or a case study. Your Talent Partner will provide you with all the information you need and will ensure you have ample time to prepare.

How should I prepare for my interview?

Interview stages vary depending on the role, but during each interview, we want to learn more about you and how you think your skills and experience will bring value to the team. Before your interview, please review the job description and come prepared with examples in mind that demonstrate your strengths as they relate to the needs of the position for which you're being interviewed. We'll also share our mission and guiding principles with you prior to your interview to give you a better sense of what we value and look for in Lightspeeders! But interviews are a two-way street. We want you to get to know us better—so please feel free to bring questions of your own.

What language will the interview be conducted in?

Our interviews at Lightspeed are conducted in English for our global roles. If you are situated in Quebec, and the role you’re interviewing for requires you to communicate in English, one or more interviews may take place in the English language; if that’s the case, you’ll be informed by both your Talent Partner and in your interview confirmation email. When in doubt, please reach out to your Talent Partner or Talent Guide.

Will I be working remotely?

We believe in the power of collaboration, in person and online. Our offices are designed to bring the best out of Lightspeeders. We love getting together on pillar days to get creative, solve problems and achieve our mission. And we #MakeItHuman by keeping things flexible— some roles include a remote work option. Talk to your Talent Partner or Talent Guide to learn more.

What's Lightspeed’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion?

We want to reflect the diverse communities we serve at all levels and attract the best candidates. Our inclusion and diversity programs and policies help us ensure a candidate pool that brings different perspectives, experiences and skills, making us a better team.