Do your best work as your authentic self

Through shared values and initiatives that support our employees, we encourage a worklife that works for everyone. Your happiness—whether you're working, hustling or vacationing—is at the core of our company.

We make it happen

When Dax Dasilva founded Lightspeed in 2005, he rented the apartment above his office so he could be available at all times. No time was lost in transit while he climbed the staircase after every long day (and late night) and descended it every morning. With each step we take at Lightspeed, we get closer to our goal in reaching the top. Following in Dax’s footsteps, we make it happen.

We make it together

Like a scientist, we send out market research and customer surveys and wait for results before making a move. We listen to our instincts, but only make decisions when we’re guided in the right direction. For both external and internal decisions, we make it data driven.

We make it human

Lightspeed is energized by connection (and coffee). The kitchen is our meeting place where all corners of the office come together. We use this common space to welcome unique perspectives and to be our authentic selves. With a strong company culture, we make it human.

We make it about the customer

When we decide to jump off the diving board, we plan every step. From the walk up the ladder to our entry into the water—we maximize our impact. At Lightspeed, we are all decision-makers and act as a synchronized team. We make it matter when we think before we jump.

We make it data driven

We use technology and innovation to give independent businesses a new life. Reviving the retail and resto industry is at the core of Lightspeed’s mission. Inspired by the phoenix, we support our clients’ growth and nurture their success. We ignite the flame by making it about the customer.

We make it matter

At Lightspeed, our obstacles cross department lines and there is never a shortage of helping hands. When outages in 2015 had our support team under pressure, we all shared that weight and put out the fire. We win as a team when we make it together.

We're all impactful agents of change.

Lightspeed was founded on the principles of diversity and inclusion and our daily practices and interactions reflect this commitment. Whether inspiring, challenging, teaching or learning from each other– we are on a journey together to continuously evolve and elevate one another.

"By cultivating DEI, we ensure both our employees and customers thrive, creating a community that embodies collective success."

Miranda McKie, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Lightspeed

Equal opportunity at every stage.

Diversity is built into Lightspeed's DNA, and we'll never stop working to ingrain equity and inclusion into every aspect of this company.

How we hire

We offset unconscious bias in our hiring process through diverse interview panels, inclusive language in job postings and trained recruiters who challenge bias every step of the way. We also connect with our community partnerships to source diverse talent for all opportunities.

How we work

We challenge systemic inequities through measurable actions like auditing our pay practices, promotion decisions, succession planning and M&A practices on a regular basis. With this valuable insight, we can see how we're doing and adjust along the way.

How we grow

We ensure DEI messaging is embedded in all our learning programs, from onboarding and training to corporate communications and leadership development. To all grow together, we seize learning opportunities through external partnerships, panel discussions and, most importantly, employee feedback.

Work with us and work your way.

We believe in the power of collaboration, in person and online. Our offices are designed to bring the best out of Lightspeeders. We love getting together on pillar days to get creative, solve problems and achieve our mission. And we #MakeItHuman by keeping things flexible.

We're on a mission of sustainability.

We aim to bring cities and communities to life. From business owners to employees and the environment, we operate under five pillars of sustainability to protect, empower and enliven the areas where we can make an impact.

Feel your best with health and wellness programs.

We're committed to ensuring that all of Lightspeeders are supported. From Modern Health, a mental health app that provides licensed therapists, meditation practices and wellness benefits, to paid time off and personal days, employee happiness is our priority.