What's New in Lightspeed Retail

At Lightspeed, we innovate and deliver new product updates and fixes for our customers all year round. Check out what’s new in Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series).

Processing payments in Standalone mode with Lightspeed Payments.

With standalone mode, you can choose to process payments on your WisePOS E terminal without creating a sale in Retail POS for more flexibility in the daily operation of your business. Standalone payments are reported exclusively in the Payment transactions in the merchant portal, allowing you to choose how to account for standalone sales in a way that best suits your business.

Apply discounts and shipment fees to purchase orders.

You can now split discounts or shipping costs evenly or proportionally in the Costs section of your purchase orders. This update allows for flexibility in how you want to split charges or discounts, ensuring a more accurate average cost.

Email Lightspeed Payments links to credit account customers.

Email account statements to your customers right from the Customer account page. Merchants using Lightspeed Payments can send an email invoice with a secure payment link customers can use to pay their invoice. This allows for greater flexibility and convenience for you and your customers.

Choose what’s included on itemized gift receipts.

You can choose which items in a sale to include on a gift receipt, streamlining your customer checkout experience and ensuring gift receipts only show items that were purchased as gifts.

Age restricted items update.

If an age restricted item can't be added to the sale due to an incorrect PIN, a dialogue box will show the reason why and a prompt to try again or return to the sale. This leads to less confusion in the checkout experience for age restricted items and more visibility for sales staff and customers when adding these items to a sale.

Notification for negative inventory during sales.

When adding an item to a sale or increasing the quantity of a line item that would result in negative inventory, the warning message stays on screen until dismissed. This helps you keep track of inventory during sales and ensures negative inventory sales aren’t missed.

Improved gift card export file.

The gift card export is now generated from the gift card page for a more streamlined gift experience when managing gift cards. This export includes additional information on the gift card status, where it was purchased, the transaction ID, when it was last used, and in the case of online gift cards, the recipient’s email address.

Tipping on the terminal with Lightspeed Payments.

The new Tipping setting in Financial services features the option to enable tipping on the terminal for Lightspeed Payments customers using the WisePOS E terminal. Enable or disable tip prompts on the terminal and set default tip amounts in percentage or currency units.

Improvements to Omni sync for eCom (C-Series).

Employee, register, and tax details can no longer be edited for omni orders. This means fewer sync issues for Retail merchants with eCom (C-Series) and a smoother online sales process.