What's New in Lightspeed Retail

At Lightspeed, we innovate and deliver new product updates and fixes for our customers all year round. Check out what’s new in Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series).

New settings for creating separate line items.

A new option in General settings makes each addition of the same item create a new line in the checkout or work order, rather than adding to the quantity sold counter.

Bulk deleting special orders from a purchase order.

Deleting special orders from a purchase order using the bulk delete button now also removes them from the Special orders page.

New B2B Catalog search and import.

Save time creating products with the B2B Catalog. Import products and their images, descriptions and UPCs directly from the B2B Catalog into your inventory.

Improved import experience in eCom (C-Series).

In eCom (C-Series), special characters will no longer affect imports.

Better security for eCom (C-Series).

Security improvements, identity verification measures and increased password complexity requirements will now help keep your C-Series accounts safe.

Connect outlets to eCom shipping methods (E-Series).

Retail merchants with eCom (E-Series) can now set local delivery zones and operating hours, restrict pickup locations based on inventory availability and connect outlets to shipping methods to restrict customers from choosing shipping options for items out of stock at the location.

Customize online fulfillment as desired, tying all delivery methods to corresponding outlets.

Send payment links while requesting a deposit.

Lightspeed Payments customers can now generate payment links when requesting a deposit. This feature allows you to send an email or print a receipt that includes a payment link.