Simplify your everyday with the sales history view

The new sales history view provides a 30-day history of all your sales in one place. Accessible to all employee roles, it simplifies the everyday sales responsibilities of owners, managers and associates without revealing any sensitive information. Here’s a quick overview:


Review sales at a glance or in detail

As an owner or manager, the sales history view allows you to easily filter and analyze the day-to-day sales activity in your shop. If specific sales have details that might be of interest (e.g. refunds, discounts, notes), they’re highlighted in the list so you can investigate them further in the side panel.


Improve customer service

As an associate, the sales history view allows you to quickly continue in-progress sales or find completed sales to start refunds or exchanges.


Promote autonomy without trading sensitive access

Sensitive information, like costs, margins and credit card information, are not included in the sales history view. This way, employees can have enough autonomy to do their jobs while only having access to features and information that align with their employee permissions.


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