With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, we’re working diligently behind the scenes to gear up for this busy time of year and optimize the performance of all your Retail and eCom shops. So although the list of new features and fixes below may appear smaller than others in the past, the work behind this release goes beyond today’s announcement. Our support from the wings will continue throughout the upcoming week and we hope that it will help set the stage for you to reach record-breaking sales.


Payment Processing

BNP Paribas and Concardis: We’re excited to announce that Retailers in Belgium and Switzerland can now process integrated payments with BNP Paribas and Concardis! If you’re one of these Retailers, this means that you can now have a bridge of communication between your Retail account and payment terminal. This bridge allows you to process card payments without any manual work and with less risk for human error. If you need to refund card payments, you can also do this directly from your Retail account.

Want to integrate your payment processing? Click on your country’s payment gateway to learn how:


Bug Fix

Error when signing out: Fixed an issue where an error message would appear after closing a register and then signing out of Lightspeed Retail.