An on-premise solution that lets you sell in-store and online from your Mac

What can Lightspeed OnSite help you to do?

Whether you run a single store or a multi-shop business, Lightspeed OnSite was built for you. From simplifying your day-to-day operations and decision-making to taking your business online, OnSite helps you to manage your entire retail business and sell more.

Simplify inventory management

Managing stock shouldn’t be complicated. With OnSite, it’s easy to know exactly what you have in stock at all times, transfer inventory and place orders with your vendors.

Track your success

With detailed reporting, retailers can make well-informed business decisions. Generate real-time, customized reports to give you the information you really need.

Improve customer service

From quick PIN login to quick product search, OnSite gives your sales staff the tools they need to serve your customers efficiently at each step in the sales cycle.

Sell in-store and online

OnSite is integrated with Lightspeed’s powerful eCommerce solution. Start selling your products online and reach customers worldwide.

Sell more

Switch between managing your back-end to processing sales in just one click. Keep track of customer profiles and get suggestions for similar items.

Make your point of sale work for you

OnSite lets you personalize your point of sale system. Create custom fields and view your business the way you want.

Lightspeed OnSite Features



Get a clear, customizable overview of your sales, products, customers and more.

4-digit PIN code access

Connect quickly to your POS to speed up employee logins.

Live rules

Set prices or attributes for entire categories of products in seconds.

Stock configuration

Organize your stock with two-attribute matrices and serial numbers.

Import tools

Speed up data imports by adding thousands of customers or products in one go.

User privileges

Decide which employees have access to the various aspects of your business.



Take your brick-and-mortar business online by connecting OnSite to Lightspeed eCom.

Sales events

Create product promotions for a set period of time so you can plan for sales in advance.

Related items

Find the right recommendations for customers, based on what they buy.

Integrated payments

Be EMV compliant so you can take credit, debit, Apple Pay and gift card payments.

Discounts and pricing levels

Set up to 11 prices per product so you can assign automated discounts to specific customers.

Multi-store capacity

Get real-time access to inventory and sales data from any location.


Layaways and special orders

Offer your customers flexibility with layaways and special orders.

Custom fields

From sizes to preferences, create custom fields to help you understand your customers.

Deposits, payments and accounts receivable

Show customers their balance and credit instantly and accurately.

Customer categories

Target marketing activity based on common attributes to encourage repeat purchases and loyalty.

International reach

Reach a worldwide audience with tax inclusive pricing, currency formatting, price rounding and multi-language documents.

Why Clusier Habilleur chose Lightspeed

“Lightspeed helps to make people 'feel' like the message is directed to them personally, and that is a key part of our service.“


Clusier Habilleur


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