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Setting targets & reaching goals: Lightspeed included on The Globe and Mail’s fourth-annual Women Lead Here benchmark of executive gender diversity

Lightspeed Commerce is proud to be included in The Globe and Mail’s 2023 Report on Business magazine’s Women Lead Here rankings, which identifies leading Canadian businesses with the highest executive gender diversity. 

“When I joined Lightspeed 8 years ago, I was one of the few women in the company at the time,” says Asha Bakshani, CFO. “We’ve grown so much since then and have made significant progress on gender diversity as well. I’m proud to say that our policies today are designed to actively encourage and retain women and have helped to transform our culture to be more inclusive and accommodating to women.  Today, identifying-women make up 40% of our employee population and 43% of our C-suite. Although we still have lots of work to do in this area, we are definitely making meaningful progress.”

Bakshani emphasizes the importance of setting goals for gender diversity: “As a company, we firmly believe that setting clear objectives and tracking our progress against those objectives is critical to driving change. This belief holds especially true when it comes to promoting gender diversity, and we remain committed to prioritizing this issue within the company and to establishing ambitious targets annually.”

Lightspeed’s goal remains to be the tech company that drives the industry forward.

Here are some of our gender-based equity initiatives:

  • We promote and champion women at all levels across the Company, including on our Board.
  • Lightspeed offers a Parental Leave – Paid Benefit Top-Up program designed to complement regional  government benefits
  • To challenge systemic inequities, our teams regularly audit pay practices, promotion decisions and succession planning. This gives us the data we need to make adjustments.

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