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Lightspeed Appoints Former Google Executive as Chief Product & Technology Officer

Lightspeed Chief Product & Technology Officer Ryan Tabone

Ryan Tabone joins Lightspeed to lead technology and product development as the Company continues to strengthen its leadership team

Lightspeed Commerce, the one-stop commerce platform for merchants around the world to simplify, scale and create exceptional customer experiences, today announced that the Company has appointed Ryan Tabone as its Chief Product & Technology Officer.

“Ryan brings an impressive track record of tackling large-scale technology challenges while empowering product and technology teams to keep creativity and innovation at the heart of everything they do,” said JP Chauvet, CEO of Lightspeed. “The solutions Lightspeed provides are pivotal to the success of retailers and restaurateurs worldwide—and in today’s dynamic environment, they have never needed us more. Ryan will play a central role in ensuring the solutions we bring to market not only power their continued success but provide new resources to enable them to adapt to the unexpected.”

Tabone joins Lightspeed from ​​Google, where he held a number of roles, among them being a founding member of the team that built Chromebook and most recently as the Vice President & General Manager of Google Pay and Google Finance. He has also served as an advisor and executive in residence for Other Bets, including Wing, Intrinsic and more.

“I’ve spent my career focused on solving problems to create fundamental shifts in industries for the benefit of businesses and consumers,” said Ryan Tabone, Lightspeed’s Chief Product and Technology Officer. “Small and medium-sized businesses, in particular, spend a significant amount of time focused on the infrastructure of running their business, which pulls them away from doing what they love – bringing unique value to their customers. Lightspeed, with its portfolio of products, is uniquely positioned to dramatically simplify the commerce stack for these merchants. I am extremely excited by the opportunity to enable businesses across the globe to more efficiently and effectively serve their customers, both online and in person, reducing the effort it takes to grow and run their business.”

Throughout his nearly 15 years at Google, Tabone has overseen the development of various groundbreaking products, including Chromebook, G Suite and Google Finance. Ryan earned a Bachelor of Science from Johns Hopkins University and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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