• Hotel guests can make purchases through messaging, and Whistle will post charges to Lightspeed.
  • Purchases made through messages will be accounted for in your POS and correct inventory/rates will be available to guests in real-time.
  • The integration allows your hotel to seamlessly capitalize on messaging purchases.
30% of guest interactions are revenue generating opportunities for a hotel.

Extended description:

  • By using the Whistle/Lightspeed integration, your hotel can offer its full suite of products to guests through messaging. Any opportunities to drive revenue are sure to delight yours guests with the ease of purchasing items through messaging and charging to their room!
  • Whistle is the top-rated Guest Messaging Platform for hospitality. Fully integrated with your PMS & POS, Whistle provides and automated and frictionless digital Front Desk experience for your hotel and your guests.
Inventory Management