Integrations Vemos
  • Lightspeed Restaurant (U-Series)

Vēmos Pay allows your guests to view and pay their check from the convenience of their own device. Guests view their check as soon as they sit down, and pay whenever they’re ready by using a stored payment method – without needing a printed check first. It’s truly contactless, gives your guests the transparency and control they didn’t have before, and allows your staff to focus on providing a great experience. Plus, it’s free for both the restaurant and consumer.

Key Features

  • Easy contactless payments with seamless operations
  • Tips default to 20%
  • Auto close open checks
  • Reduce wait times & improve speed of service
  • Enhance guest experience

Vēmos Pay is integrated directly with your Upserve POS system so all payments are sent through your Upserve payment processing. This integration ensures that payments sent through the Vēmos Pay app are EMV compliant so there’s no operational or accounting changes to your business.

Contactless Payments