Upserve Loyalty by Lightspeed

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  • Lightspeed Restaurant (U-Series)
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Upserve Loyalty by Lightspeed takes the hassle and guesswork out of your loyalty program. The Loyalty Program leverages your customer’s credit cards as their loyalty card, making it easy to earn points, and even easier for you to gather data about your loyalty members in the Upserve HQ Guestbook by Lightspeed. Market to each loyalty customer at an individual level and learn what turns guests into regulars to keep them coming back while driving more revenue from your regulars.

Key Features

  • Integrated to your POS for profitability reporting
  • Automatic Inventory Replenishment
  • Real Time Food Costing
  • Connects with all your Suppliers
  • Plug and Play

Integrated directly into Upserve Payments by Lightspeed customers on the Pro package, Upserve Loyalty by Lightspeed uses customer credit cards to enable reward credits to be applied back to the customer. No messing with discounts, taking money off the check or impacting potential server tips. Upserve Loyalty by Lightspeed is as simple as setting up in the Upserve HQ by Lightspeed portal and suggesting guests sign up!