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  • Solink connects video + Lightspeed POS transactions to simplify loss prevention, security, and operations for restaurants & retailers.
  • Solink helps you find and solve problems through synchronized video + Lightspeed POS data.
  • Solink ensures you never have to scroll manually through footage again: our tech cuts straight to the clips that matter most
  • Solink would love Lightspeed customers to experience the power of Solink and Lightspeed combined.  So for a limited time, Solink is covering the cost of your Solink installation (a $500 value) for each of your sites.

Solink provides real time, proactive alerts and reports that are accessible, anytime, anywhere from the web or mobile device whether you have 1 or 1000’s of locations.

  • Solink helps restaurants find and solve problems every day. Solink reviews all the video + Lightspeed POS transactions recorded in your restaurant to create a dashboard of the most important moments of the day. With our mobile app, you’ve got full visibility into every shift, every site, and every sale.
  • By aligning your video with your point of sale systems, Solink provides perfect insight into every cash register, order, and sector of the dining room as well as the back of the house. It’s why we’re the platform of choice for thousands of quick service (QSR), fast casual, and fine dining restaurants. Our platform is a powerful tool for reducing shrink in bars, nightclubs, and hotels, too.
  • Solink works with your existing video and Lightspeed; no hardware change-over headache.
  • Solink + Lightspeed POS helps you manage:
    • employee theft
    • customer experience issues
    • slips and falls
    • shoplifting and dine-and-dashes
    • motion and unusual activity
    • empty shelves and cleanliness
    • fast and slow service
    • inventory shrink and loss
      … easily tracked via real-time alerts + daily digests.
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