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Serving as a direct-to-consumer platform, PETZ fosters collaboration between brands and retailers, benefiting pet parents. This state-of-the-art tool redefines coupon savings, offering a personalized in-app experience.

Users access brand-specific coupons and pet store promotions for their pets, redeemable at Authorized PETZ Redemption Centers. This innovative mechanism not only propels retailer growth but also elevates the pet consumer experience. PETZ, at its core, is reshaping the industry and catering to the evolving needs of pet enthusiasts.

  • Zero Cost Marketing: Embrace the marketing benefits of PETZ without worrying about expenses – it’s completely FREE to use!
  • No More Credits: Get immediately reimbursed to your PETZ account and paid out in cash for every brand coupon redeemed.
  • Boosted Sales and Profits: Encourage return visits with PETZ. Every Thursday, anticipated push notifications are automatically sent to PETZ app users showcasing new coupons that can be redeemed at your store.
  • Increased Foot Traffic: With PETZ, popular brands directly promote their products to consumers in your community, leading new customers straight to your store through the app.
  • Enhanced Average Ticket and Basket Size: These exclusive brand coupons entice shoppers to spend more during each visit.
  • Tailored Savings for Your Customers: In addition to the weekly PETZ coupons, you can collaborate closely with brands to deliver targeted savings exclusively for your customers.
  • Hyper-Relevant Coupons: Pet parents will only receive coupons relevant to the pets in their family. That’s right – no more sending irrelevant coupons to your customers.

The integration of PETZ into Lightspeed offers a convenient and streamlined process for redeeming brand coupons and store promotions within Lightspeed’s Point of Sale (POS) system. This integration eliminates the need for users to leave the POS or perform additional scans to complete transactions involving PETZ coupons.

This integration simplifies the coupon redemption process, enhancing the overall efficiency of transactions and providing a more seamless experience for both retailers and their customers. It also contributes to a more user-friendly and efficient checkout process by automating the application and redemption of PETZ coupons within Lightspeed’s POS system.

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