Integrations nChannel
  • Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series)


  • Automate your business processes between LightSpeed and your eCommerce, ERP, accounting and 3PL systems to enable faster order processing, real-time inventory sync, tight supply chain integration and more!
  • Through automation, nChannel saves our customers many hours and thousands of dollars in annual staff time from manual data entry for the movement of sales orders, customer data, shipping status, inventory updates, product data and more!
  • Designed for eCommerce and retail, the nChannel platform leverages out-of-the box connectors for LightSpeed and other systems, combined with our team’s integration expertise, to help transform your business’ operations and improve your customer experience.

    Eliminated manual data processing that was causing customer AAA Washington up to 72-hour delays for accounting to balance the books, resulting in lag time for new item descriptions, inaccurate inventory availability, and more.

    With this integration, merchants can automate B2C and B2B processes between Lightspeed and other popular systems.
    By eliminating the need for manual data entry between their critical systems, merchants can save time and money, while improving their customer experience. You’ll be able to:

    • Display accurate inventory levels online and prevent overselling
    • Provide customers of delivery status and tracking info for shipped orders
    • Guarantee faster delivery dates for customers
    • Make online promotions show up faster online
    • Enable buy online, pick up in store
    • Automate returns process
    • Gain visibility and control of your supplier’s data

Learn more from one of our customers AAA Washington and their LightSpeed integration.

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