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  • Lightspeed Retail POS (X-Series)
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Linnworks is a Connected CommerceOps platform that enables online retailers to connect, automate and scale their e-commerce operations from a single source of truth.
Our solution provides retailers with three core attributes:

  • connectivity to a diverse range of marketplaces,
  • automation of traditionally time-consuming e-commerce processes,
  • and a central platform to manage listings, inventory, orders and shipments.

With over 4,000 customers and $15 billion in annual GMV, Linnworks empowers small and mid-sized e-commerce merchants to simplify their commerce operations, drive new revenue, exceed customer expectations and streamline logistics.

Say goodbye to spreadsheet stress:

  • Manage inventory from a single, unified platform with Lightspeed and Linnworks.
  • Manage all your online and in-store inventory on one unified platform. No more double counting, data discrepancies or inventory chaos. Experience a simple omni-channel selling system with real-time updates. Anywhere. Anytime.

Inventory updates: Linnworks can automatically send stock changes to Lightspeed when orders are placed in-store or online.

Order download: Lightspeed orders can be automatically downloaded into Linnworks.

Channel Tax: Tax information and settings displayed on orders in Linnworks are saved from the Lightspeed account during order download.

Inventory mapping: Lightspeed inventory items can be linked to Linnworks inventory items for stock and price updates.

Location mapping: Orders can be downloaded to and inventory updates sent from specific Linnworks locations.

Order Cancellation: Orders in Lightspeed can be cancelled via Linnworks.

Order Shipping: Orders on Lightspeed can be marked as shipped and shipped via Linnworks.

Price changes: Prices on Lightspeed items can be automatically updated via Linnworks.

Inventory Management, Warehouse Management