Integrations Kimoby
  • Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series)
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Integrate Kimoby’s text messaging platform with your Lightspeed POS to improve customer communications with automated and personalized text messages.

Kimoby’s smart collaborative platform sends triggered messages based on the data you have available on your customers. Segment your database to send targeted campaigns based on customer profiles and past purchasing behaviours.

Reach 80% of your customers on the first attempt, in comparison to 15% with phone calls.

Save time: Kimoby eliminates phone calls by pulling data from your Lightspeed POS system so you can automatically send appointment reminders, work progress updates and service follow-ups—all through text messages. Exchange photos, videos and PDFs with your customers to speed up the job approval process.

Generate more in-store traffic: Segment your database to send targeted offers and promotions based on your customers’ past purchases and profiles.

Attract & retain customers: Offer your customers a bilateral communication channel so you can quickly respond to general information and service requests. Send automated review requests to your customers and manage your online reputation to attract new faces in-store.

Communication, Customer Service